To Be A Happy Person

Develop Three Positive Character Traits Easily

To become a happy person quicker, there are just three positive character traits that can be developed quite easily, starting immediately. Through the resultant subtle consciousness shift, how to be happy and enjoy sustained authentic happiness need not be a difficult task at all.

The following are the three most important areas in which we can change our habits with the greatest positive results:

Truthfulness    Kindness    Appreciation

Let's summarise how this strategy fits in with the overall concept of Self-Alignment© talked about on other pages of this site.

How to be happier quickly

Key #1: Daily mental quietness

By using an effective mind-settling method daily we can gently unlock more of our happiness from within and immediately start to become the happy person we desire.

If you already have a meditation technique that achieves the kinds of benefits of meditation many people have heard about, and you're happy with it, that's great.

If not, you might want to try the method I use. It is called Conscious Mental Rest© (CMR). For me CMR works just as effectively as scientifically researched techniques like TM and NSR (both of which I have experienced too). And it works without the need for a mantra.

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Such daily mental quietness releases stress and thereby expands our awareness and our overall functioning. It cultures the entire mind-body system so that spontaneously we function in a more life-supporting way, with an increase in happiness.

So, that is my recommended foundation for expanding happiness - daily (effective) 'meditation' that transcends thinking.

Key #2: Conscious deliberate living

Marta in her swimsuit

The second approach is to culture a few good habits that take us out of old patterns of thinking and behaving that are blockages to being a happy person on a sustained basis.

While our life is improving spontaneously from the inside out through daily mental stillness, we can nevertheless unwittingly slow down our progress by not yet being aware of old habits which the daily mental stillness has not yet moved out of our way.

So, what happens is that while the daily mental rest, or 'meditation', takes us two steps forward, our old habits of thinking and behaviour take us one step back. The net effect is that we are not moving ahead as quickly as we could.

To become a happy person sooner we can consciously and deliberately do something to replace such typical 'negative' habits. By doing this we end up taking two steps forward via meditation, plus another one or two extra forward steps as well.

Let's see what we can easily do in each of these three crucial areas in order to cultivate what it takes to become a predominantly happy person.

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