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Easiest and cheapest noise stress reducers available

Block your ears! No, no … not with your fingers, but with a pair of small ear plugs.

A friend of mine says she improved her life dramatically when she started wearing ear plugs some years ago, whenever she felt the need. She says she doesn't know how she'd cope without her favourite wax ear plugs.

Ear plugs come in all shapes, sizes and materials

Ear plugs come in all shapes and sizes

My friend's personal favourite noise stress reducers are a German brand of wax ear plugs called OHROPAX. She likes this brand because:

Ohropax ear plugs work well

  • they are not sticky (some wax brands are)
  • they can be moulded with the fingers to fit as preferred
  • they can be inserted partially to reduce noise a little, or tightly to block out typical suburban noise almost completely
  • they can be cut in half to make them into smaller plugs that you hardly even notice are in your ears

Ear plugs can be worn in all sorts of circumstances

  • At the shopping mall to reduce crowd noise or 'gross' music coming across the sound system
  • At the movies, when the sound is excessively loud for the size of the audience
  • While concentrating at work or home, to shield one's attention from the conversations of others, factory noise, vacuum cleaners and the like
  • Evenings at home, to reduce the impact of television and appliance noise, or noisy kids
  • When sleeping at night, to reduce the effects of outside noise disturbances - traffic, barking dogs, neighbours' hi-fi systems, partner's snoring
  • At a holiday resort where accommodation is not spread out and guests are having a rowdy night next door
  • During meditation or Conscious Mental Rest, to soften the effects of any outside noise during your sessions of mental quietness

Reducing workplace noise further

If workplace noise is a major issue for you, you need to do something about it. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Noise stress reducers are needed for some workplace noise

  • In factory areas use ear plugs as suggested above, even if you're already wearing noise muffs.
  • In office areas, speak to management about the problem. It might help to search the Internet to gather supporting data to substantiate your assertions as to the seriousness of noise pollution, and the need to apply some noise effective stress reducers in the work situation.
  • Possible noise-dampening solutions include installing white noise machines that send a static sound through a speaker system to dampen the effect of the various noise sources in the office.
  • Double-glazed windows are another option, to separate offices from nearby factory or outside noise.
  • Adding effective weatherstripping around windows and doors also helps to keep out some of the external noise. Further advantages of double-gazing and weatherstripping - which can be used to 'sell' the project to management - might be lower electricity and other costs associated with heating or air-conditioning in cold or hot climates.

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