Mission Statement

To Contribute Towards The Expansion Of
Peace Love And Happiness Worldwide

The Means For Expanding Happiness

Achieve this by having more and more people enlivening the bliss at the core of their being, and thereby also in their environment, by:

  • setting aside some time twice every day to allow for profound mental rest while remaining awake and conscious, and thereby unlocking the flow of bliss from within while simultaneously dissolving stress


  • cultivating the ongoing habit of hearing the inner prompts that the body sends us in order to make the right choices for peace, love and joy, and thereby also supporting the elimination of old stress and reducing the tendency to take on new stress

The Plan For Achieving This

Develop this relatively new website as a way to disseminate an affordable and unique course - a step-by-step practical programme that requires only the two effortless daily habits described in the Means above.

Do this in a way that everyone can participate, irrespective of their personal beliefs or belief system.

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