Be A Happy Person
(Applying The Art Of Happiness)

Conscious Mental Attention - Part 3

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What prevents one from being a happy person?

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As mentioned elsewhere, under the right conditions happiness naturally flows from within.

When we sabotage the flow of creative consciousness and happiness it is not always a conscious thing. In fact, it is almost always an ingrained, unconscious habit that one has become accustomed to over many years that prevents one from being a generally happy person.

And that is the problem. We have come to consider it to be the reality of how we are.

It's all about the effective utilization of our attention

Chilling out at a river campsite The skill or art of happiness includes attending to both the inner and the outer aspects of your life. Otherwise you run the risk of moving three steps forward through daily Conscious Mental Rest or meditation, and then moving one or two steps backwards again.

This is because we don't realise that we're hanging on to old thoughts and belief patterns which our daily Conscious Mental Rest or meditation sessions have not yet eradicated.

It's like putting your vehicle into forward gear and releasing the clutch, but putting the brake on quite often while moving forward.

So a good plan for becoming more of a happy person is to be vigilant about not applying the brake as much as your have done in the past and up to the present.

So, how do we put this into practice?

The next page explains the principle of following just two of the body’s signals of inner feelings. These two signals alone can help us do what is right in any particular moment – that is, what is right for our own personal life situation at this time.

In addition, I will be developing a practical course in Conscious Mental Attention as soon as time permits. In the meantime, you can enrol for the free Self-Health Plan (opens in a new window) which includes a little exercise to help you monitor some of the signals that come from your body.

The signals in that exercise will tell you when your body needs your conscious cooperation in helping it to stay in balance.

It might at first seem to be a silly exercise, but it's a good starting point for drawing attention to the fact that it is actually from the our body that we get our signals in order for us to stay in harmony with natural law and move towards Self-Alignment for more happiness, better health and an overall improvement in the quality of our life.

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