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If you want to know how to eliminate spam, or you already know how to stop
spam email altogether, this is the place to be.

This section of is not a commercial section trying to sell you some kind of anti-spam software or service.

It is more like a forum where people can share the solutions they have found to work best for their own situation.

As this section expands - through the participation or visitors like you - it will hopefully grow into a very useful resource for people worldwide who are plagued by this scourge of the Internet.

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How to eliminate spam - according to site visitors

Spam stress impinges on happiness

Most people get very irritated by unsolicited electronic junk mail (spam mail) that is sent out by automatic e-mail distribution systems indiscriminately to millions of people every day. Irritation adds to stress, which in turn adversely affects our level of happiness.

How to eliminate spam?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a 100% foolproof system that will effectively eliminate spam email totally, or the need for users to do something to eliminate or at least minimize it.

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineMuch of the available software requires the spam mail recipient to constantly do things to keep their anti-spam system effective. New spamming tricks get employed each time the spammers see that the old ones are no longer fooling the anti-spam systems.

I'm sure you've received emails where the text in the subject line has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the email itself. That's just one example of a trick that is frequently used.

Nevertheless, each Internet user can take steps to at least reduce spam mail significantly.

Find the solution that suits you best

Millions of people worldwide use the Internet and email. There are therefore many, many different mail situations worldwide. It is important to find a solution that works best for you according to your own particular situation and preferences.

And that is what this section of Unlock-Your-Happiness is all about - sharing ideas and solutions to the spam mail scourge so that we can choose the one that feels right for us, and thereby reduce spam stress and have a happier experience when we collect our e-mail each day.

Share your own favourite anti-spam method with others

Use the form below to create your own Web page on this site where you can showcase your own favourite solution to the challenge of how to eliminate spam, or at least to manage it well.

Each contribution has its own Web page and visitors (you included) have the opportunity to add their own comments about any particular solution posted by visitors to this site. (I have created the first submission to get the ball rolling in this new section.)

You can click here to see what solutions others have found works best for them. Or go straight to the invitation form below and start creating your own Web page with your own favourite anti-spam solution.

If you don't have a solution but wish to seek anti-spam advice from other willing and able visitors to this section, use the same form for that purpose.

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What Anti-Spam System Works Well For You?

Help the world get rid of the scourge of costly spam messages. Share your own experiences and solutions so that others can benefit too.

Help us build a dynamic and useful hub of practical solutions to the frustrating and irritating phenomenon of unwanted spam mail.

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