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Conscious Mental Rest is a 100% natural process for gaining profound rest for the mind-body system. The experience - while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed - is sometimes referred to as just being — being awake, or conscious, yet without a lot of 'busy' mental activity.

Two unsolicited, unedited e-mails about Conscious Mental Rest:

"I am having so much enjoyment using this technique. My life is becoming so much more peaceful and satisfying.

"I have never been able to meditate without feeling worse when I was finished. Within the first couple of sessions, I had the deepest experience of "rest" or meditation that I have ever felt...and it was so easy!

"Thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful gift. It is truly priceless to me.

"Your audio is so comfortable and easy to follow, and it is clear that you are speaking from experience. You are a wonderful teacher.

"My reading has improved (college student), my digestion has improved, my relationship with my wife has improved and I am steadily overcoming painful beliefs and experiences from my past with simple, profound understanding. I feel greater clarity in my day, I am more focused when I work, and I can relax at night. I don't spend endless hours worrying anymore. Anxiety used to be my trademark. Now ease is actually becoming my way of being (something I have spent my life wondering why others had it, but I couldn't find it).

"CMR has changed my life. You will reap a very large reward for providing the world with such a positive and powerful resource. Thank you."

Brian, USA
(Feb 2012)

"The CMR course is fantastic. I have been meditating for 20 years and found it to be the most simple to understand and have the most profound effects. I have trained in many meditation groups in my area and also a monastery. The instructions in these groups always lacked depth, instruction time was never more then 5 or ten minutes, rarely could you retake the course and there was never much time to ask questions. The CMR course solves all theses problems and is free.

"I have always loved meditation and taking this course has meant the world to me. I have enjoyed practicing the NSR technique for 7 years but always found the process mysterious. The CMR course has cleared all my doubts about understanding effortless meditation and I will always continue to practice CMR. The Interactivity and clarity of the CMR Course cannot be rivaled."

Aaron, from Cleveland, USA
(July 2014)

CMR in a nutshell

CMR is one of the two keys to happiness that I personally use twice every day. (There's an 18-minute audio introduction lower down on this page.)

Meditating woman at poolCMR allows the mind-body system to settle down and take time out from today's hectic life of incessant activity, noise and stress. It is experienced for about 20 to 25 minutes twice a day. The benefits of this form of regular twice-daily mental rest then flow naturally into your life to provide an overall enhancement of your experience of life, health and happiness. These changes are subjectively similar to the benefits of meditation as widely publicized in many research studies and health journals.

Why is CMR desirable?

Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul. ~ Democritus

In practical terms, people who have regularly experienced CMR (opens new half-window) have reported improvements in various areas of their lives. Here are some of them:

  • greater happiness
  • more mental clarity and creativity
  • feeling less stressed
  • improved sleep patterns
  • a more relaxed way of handling difficult situations
  • improved energy levels
  • greater self-confidence
  • a deeper understanding of life

CMR is different from sleep

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineThe life improvements experienced are changes that the people concerned did not experience from sleep alone. This reinforces in a practical way that CMR offers a different type of rest from sleep - a rest that facilitates the release of deep-seated stresses in the system.

So there seems no doubt that in addition to good quality regular sleep, resting the mind in the waking state throuh CMR can improve our quality of life.

The reality is, however, that most people are not aware of this, and therefore are unwittingly depriving themselves of a natural way to enhance their lives in terms of health and happiness.

And, of those who have heard about 'meditation', many are not attracted to the somewhat Eastern or esoteric nature of many of the meditation techniques offered today.

CMR is suitable for everyone

Conscious Mental Rest©, on the other hand, is suitable for anyone and everyone, no matter what your beliefs and lifestyle might be.

For example, with CMR, there is:

  • No guru
  • No tradition or lineage of 'masters'
  • No initiation, puja, 'attunement' or such like
  • No mantra to use
  • No group to 'join'
  • No need to sit cross-legged or in the lotus position
  • No incense or other trappings
  • No yoga postures to perform
  • No special breathing required
  • No dietary recommendations or requirements
  • No philosophy or belief system to follow
  • No meditation music, singing or chanting involved
  • No sound tones or vibrations to use
CMR is very natural and effortless, and totally non-intrusive.

It is because of this that it can be enjoyed with comfort and ease by anyone - whether they be Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, agnostics or atheists.

Learn Conscious Mental Rest via Free Audio Course

No-one need feel that their own faith or non-faith is in any way at risk of being compromised through the experience of Conscious Mental Rest

18-Minute Audio Introduction

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Introduction To Conscious Mental Rest:
Conscious Mental Rest - A Totally Natural 'Meditation' Technique
What Others Say About CMR
Some Interesting Comments From The CMR Forum
What Does Conscious Mental Rest Actually Mean?

Introductory Principles:
CMR for Balanced Living - A Key To Happiness
- A Consciousness Shift: Where does your awareness 'go' during CMR?
The Benefits of CMR and Meditation
- The Oft-untold Secret About The Benefits Of Meditation

Is CMR Suitable For Christians?:
Christian Meditation - Are Christians Missing Out?
- CMR: An Effective Meditation Method That's Ideal For Christians

About The Practice of CMR:
CMR Is Taught by Means of a Guided Meditation
How Does CMR Compare With Various Types of Meditation?
Is CMR Suitable for Beginners?
Why CMR Is Effortless - The Skill Of Allowing
- The Way Of The Mind Is Towards Bliss
- The Mind Body Connection And Deep Rest
- Effort Hinders The Process
- Automatic Stress Release During CMR Triggers Thoughts
Q & A: Submit Your Own Questions About CMR
How Tapping Into The Unified Field Is Of Benefit
- How The Qualities Of The Unified Field Get Enlivened

Try Conscious Mental Rest For Yourself:
Learn CMR - Downloadable mp3 Course
Become A CMR Course Facilitator Yourself

For Practitioners Of Conscious Mental Rest:
CMR Practitioners' Forum

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Conscious Mental Rest for deeper happiness and peace of mind

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