How Conscious Mental Rest Originated

Conscious Mental Rest (CMR) is born

At last, those people who do not relate easily to Eastern traditions, or using a mantra, or sitting in the lotus position with hands on their knees - anyone indeed - could now enjoy the most natural process I knew of for allowing the mind to move towards stillness. And this experience could be had quite effortlessly.

Because this process is so effortless and natural, I felt it did not really fall into what is usually understood by the term 'meditation. So I called it Conscious Mental Rest©.

And so, Conscious Mental Rest© - or CMR - could become available to all. I just needed to find a way in which everyone could have access to it, in its original state, without confusing it with techniques of contemplation, concentration, mind control, chanting, mantra repetition, induced brainwave synchrony or any of the many techniques or paths being offered under the generic term of 'meditation'. Those methods may well have their place, but for many people with whom I had discussed meditation in the past, there was a definite non-desire to go that route. They would prefer something 'neutral'.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine I think Hatha Yoga went through that same phase in the West too. Many Christians, for example, did not feel comfortable going to Yoga classes because of Yoga's origins in the East, and its perceived association with Eastern religions.

There were times that I was quite 'brain-bashed' by Christians I knew, because I was using some meditation practice. So ... been there, done that. And I respect the wishes of others.

So, with CMR here was an opportunity for everyone, born-again Christians included, to enhance their lives - physical, mental and spiritual - without feeling any inner conflict or discomfort.

How could I share CMR with many people?

I was concerned that if I taught others to teach it, so that they could become teachers themselves, something might get lost along the way, some of the subtleties. After all, it was my very personal 'baby', and it would be good to share it in its original innocence, without any misunderstandings and distortions creeping in along the way. This has been referred to in some organizations as "maintaining the purity of the teaching".

And, anyway, it would be a real 'mission' for me to start a management organization to run teacher training courses and coordinate the whole organizational setup and quality control, administration and so on. I wanted to keep it all very simple, just as the process of CMR itself is.

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CMR Home-tuition via CD

Conscious Mental Rest Home-tuition Course CD And so, for the locals in my city of Cape Town I created a home-made 'Home-tuition Course on CD'. I offered it to some friends and members of the local community.

Then a few people outside Cape Town got to hear about it (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia) and requested a copy of the course too.

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