An Aphorism For Truth
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Hamlet's aphorism: 'To thine own self be true'

Truthfulness is liberating, and it unlocks our inner happiness. The truth shall definitely set us free. Without truth there can be no happiness. And it all starts with being truthful to oneself.

Start to re-cultivate the habit of total truthfulness

Truth is an absolutely essential element in the expansion of happiness and the ridding of stress. Therefore, in my upcoming e-book - which has the tentative title of A Course In Happiness - I will be incorporating a very specific method for culturing the habit of always being truthful, and I will make much of that information available on this website.

In the meantime, here is a short aphorism you can repeatedly say or think to yourself many times every day. It will be a start to releasing old stresses about anything you have been untruthful about in the past. And it will help to build up the resolve to always be truthful in all aspects of your life in the future.

I am happy when I am truthful

Repeating this as many times a day as you remember - and even when dropping off to sleep at night - will help as follows:
  • It affirms that you do recognise and appreciate that being truthful triggers your happiness from within. Likewise, being untruthful has the opposite effect. So you are regularly recognizing this and enlivening it in your consciousness.
  • Having this knowledge lively in your awareness helps you to notice the feeling of dissonance or discomfort when you are about to decide anything that is less than 100% truthful. So it becomes easier and easier to consciously choose for the happier option. And in the process, it also becomes easier to dispel any fear that might cause you to choose for less happiness.

This simple aphorism, or affirmation, will result in less stress coming on board. It will therefore help to unlock more of your inner happiness. You will start experiencing a greater sense of liberation and freedom to be the real, authentic You.

So, you can start right now to develop the habit of repeating this statement to yourself whenever you remember, as many times each day as you can:

Aphorism and Affirmation: I am happy when I am truthful

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