A Web Structure Diagram (Site Blueprint) SystemThat's Easy And Flexible

Web structure diagram to show the concept of a site blueprint

What I need a site blueprint to give me

When creating a keyword-focussed web structure diagram (or 'site blueprint') that I can be happy with, I want a method that provides the following:

  • A visual overview of my entire site structure, on one page.
  • Every usable keyword must be included in that web structure diagram.
  • Every keyword must show its own search data: the demand and supply numbers. Without that data I feel that I am working in the dark, not knowing which keywords/pages to prioritise for building next; which keywords are more valuable and should be Tier 2s and which should be Tier 3s; and which should just be secondary keywords on a Tier 2 or Tier 3 page. So for me, seeing those numbers is vital. (Note: I am using the Site Build It! - an excellent system for buiding websites that work! Check it out today!
  • I want to know which keywords I have already used as specific keywords on the pages I've already created and uploaded, so that I don't keep using the same specific keywords on many pages.
  • I also want to see what File Names, Page Titles and Page Descriptions I've used on the pages I've done. (With gaps between website building sessions - perhaps days, sometimes weeks - I tend to forget where I was and what I said. So I like to be able to access that detail quickly and easily.)
  • What's also useful for me is to see which pages I have created in draft, and which ones I have finished and uploaded to my website. So having some colour coding for each keyword/page would help with that.
  • Most importantly, I want to be able to move Keyword-Focussed-Content-Pages (KFCPs) around on my web structure diagram - easily and quickly - as I change my mind along the site building path.

    It's only when I get into writing pages for a section/topic/theme that I find that my initial smart site hierarchy structure isn't actually the best, and I need to make some changes. In other words, I need a method/system that gives me flexibility to move keywords around between Tier 2s and even changing from Tier 2 to Tier 3 and vice versa.

  • I want everything to be easily accessible from my overall master plan's single sheet, without having to wade through pages and pages of site plan data. Yes, that's what I said ... all from one (easily readable) sheet!.
  • What would also be a great bonus, but perhaps asking a bit much, would be to be able to click and see an image of the main graphic I've used for any particular Web page.

Happiness is surely about finding all these features together in one system, a system that has flexibility as its cornerstone.

Guess what? I discovered how to create what I was looking for!

Symbol for happiness

Yes, I used free OpenSource software to develop a blueprint design methodology, including the last bulleted item above, that works for me. Perhaps it will work for you too?

If you like it, great! If it doesn't suit your particular needs, then at least you will have had the opportunity to look at another option.

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