Residual Income From Home

Requires Patience And Perseverance

Want quick residual income from home? Well, it takes a lot of money to invest in rent-generating property, or interest-bearing investments to give you instant passive income. Do you have that?

Residual income can seem out of reach

Traditionally the average employee just doesn't have much hope of earning a residual or recurring passive income through large financial investments, because they can never earn enough money in their employment to accumulate sufficient savings to invest.

Professional people, on the other hand, have the qualifications and skills to be able to command high service fees that make it possible for them to accumulate significant cash over time. This enables them to invest large sums in order to earn a return on their investments and enjoy meaningful recurring, residual (passive) income.

But what about the non-professionals - the salary workers, the small-business owners, the labourers, and so on?

Light at the end of the tunnel, for ALL of us!

Over the decades new business models have evolved and it is now possible for virtually anyone to create their own residual income from home, without needing a lot of money to invest in some kind of income-generating asset.

Instead of investing money, ordinary people can now invest some time, and usually a lot of patience and perseverance, to progressively build up an income-generating asset that will bring in a monthly recurring income.

This is achieved by aligning yourself with a solid, reputable company that offers such a remuneration system, where one can work part-time from home, or from anywhere, and do marketing for the company in return for a monthly recurring income.

No matter which company you choose that offers a residual income programme, the system normally has two characteristics:

  • Residual income from home starts very slowly, and builds up over time, usually accelerating in growth in a snowballing kind of way (exponential growth).
  • The work involves 'marketing' in one or other form, for example:
    • telling others about the company and its products and business programme, and inviting them to register too
    • acting as an affiliate marketer and promoting the company's offerings online
    • straightforward advertising, and other possibilities

Forget about 'get-rich-quick'

Unless you receive a huge windfall, like an inheritance or lotto win, or you have some other financial good fortune, get-rich-quick is pretty much guaranteed to be a myth at best, or a scam that can cost you your life's savings. So I would recommend that you forget about that concept altogether and keep it real.

Renewable + residual income in one company

Some companies offering residual income also offer a renewable income component. They realise that people get impatient to see some cash results, and may give up before their marketing efforts have generated some meaningful residual income.

The company therefore rewards people with bigger commissions when they send a new customer along. In addition, some offer the opportunity to buy and sell hard goods to others, and earn an immediate profit that way. Companies producing nutritional supplements often do that.

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