Finding Bliss Through Whatever
You Think, Say Or Do

Conscious Mental Attention - Part 5

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Finding a 'lighter' thought

The feeling we want to have in such moments of decision is one of 'feeling better' - or better still, feeling really good inside.

You've probably experienced in life that when there's a decision to be made, and it's quite a tricky one to make, there are mixed feelings going on inside you at the time.

If I do this, then what about that? Part of me feels I must do this, but another part of me feels I should rather do that. It's at such crossroads that being aware of your feelings is the best guide. What feels better?

I'm not talking about what feels easier, but what brings a 'lighter' feeling, a knowingness that this is the right thing for me at this very moment (even though logic or fear or intellect or other people may see it differently).

'Light' feels 'right'

Lighter feeling thoughts make us feel lighter abd happier This is what is meant here by the term finding bliss. And it feels good. It feels right. It is a case of finding bliss in the instant that the correct choice is made.

But this is a different quality of bliss from the one sought after by those who practise deep meditation. This is a more lively, active kind of exhilaration, not the silent bliss of Being.

One may ask: Why does it feel right for me? It feels right because it is right, at this particular moment, right now. It is what my own inner voice of creative consciousness says is the appropriate course for me to take right now, in this moment.

The three feelings to monitor

So, to summarize, finding bliss in moment-to-moment situations means listening to our own inner voice or ‘conscience’. And there are three feelings that we can expect to notice when we are about to make a decision about thinking, speaking or doing:

  1. Discomfort: Means, Stop! Don’t think it, speak it or do it - not now, anyway.
  2. No particular feeling: Means I'm on safe ground right now, neither moving towards finding bliss nor moving towards non-bliss. It's a kind of neutral state.
  3. Joy/exhilaration: Means, Yes! This is what I should be thinking/speaking/doing in this moment.

Conscious Mental Attention has another aspect to it too

Whatever you give your attention to is enlivened in your life.

Some people use the now-popular term, the "law of attraction". What we think about is what we attract. But, actually, it's more subtle than that.

The essence of what we give our attention to – what we entertain in our consciousness – is what we enliven and bring into our life. Its form may be different from what we are giving our attention to, but the essence – the vibrational quality – of the form that manifests in our life will be the same.

Do you watch much TV?

Television brings drama and suffering straight into our home and into our consciousness

For example, watching TV news with all the bomb blasts, suicide bombers, crime reports, accidents, disasters, etc., is giving attention to, or entertaining in our mind, the essence or vibrational quality of the thing we're giving our attention to.

This is, in effect, enlivening that vibration or quality in our own psycho-physiology. This means we are attracting the essence of that into our own life situation.

That does not mean we will die in a bomb blast tomorrow, or be mugged next week. It means that the vibrational essence of what we give our attention to is enlivened in us and it is that essence that we attract.

It may manifest in any form. In my life it may appear as a long illness; in yours it may show up as a bad relationship. With someone else it may be a motor accident.

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