Positive Self Talk Comes Naturally
When You Don't Dwell On The Unwanted

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Some positive self talk don'ts

Here are a few don'ts for thinking, speaking and doing. They can help you culture a habit of positive self talk:

  • Don't allow your attention to dwell on what you don't want - whether it is sickness, crime, violence, bad feelings, financial problems, bad relationships, business competition, war, loud and irritating music, an ugly environment, an untidy home, unwashed dishes, or whatever.

    This just enlivens what is and keeps your attention and feelings in it. And this perpetuates its perceived reality in your life. In this regard, more and more people these days are choosing not to watch TV news anymore, or to buy the local newspaper. Radical? Think about it. Does it really, really serve your highest interests to abuser that 'stuff' into your being?

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  • Don't talk to your friends about what you don't want, as a topic of conversation or complaining, or supporting one another, or gossiping, and so on. This just enlivens what is and keeps your attention and feelings in it. And this perpetuates its perceived reality in your life and is not considered to be positive self talk.
  • Don't read up in the newspapers about the negativity or problems in the world to justify to yourself that your feelings are valid and you are 'right' about it, because others feel the same way as you do. This just enlivens what is and keeps your attention and feelings in it. And this perpetuates its perceived reality in your life.

Some do's that will help with positive self talk

When faced with what you don't want, shift your attention to something else - whether past, present or future - that brings a better feeling to you. This may be a memory of past good times when this current undesirable situation did not prevail; or (better still) it may be a clear image of how you would like it to be for you right now, and from now on into the future.

However, be vigilant not to replace the feeling about your current unwanted situation with another unwanted feeling that is also not good. For example:

  • If the past happy situation was accompanied by not-so-good things, don't allow your attention to go to those. Stay with the good stuff.
  • If the past situation was better than the present one, don't allow yourself to compare and become sad or depressed about the 'good old days'. Stay with the good feeling and ignore any comparisons with the past.

You can only effect change in the present moment

You cannot change the future in the future. You can only change the future by making changes in this very moment. And the changes you make are simple:

Think, speak and do what feels good now.
This is the essence of positive self talk.

Caution: thinking of the future can invite anxiety

Depending on where your attention is right now, thinking about the future can also bring feelings of fear, anxiety and worry. And these feelings, along with your attention, bring to you the very things you are being fearful, anxious and worried about.

Your 'vibes' or state of awareness enliven them and attract more of that essence into your life. So make your positive self-talk changes in the present moment, and know that the future will unfold accordingly. And when you do think about the future, give your attention to the kind of future you would like, not to ideas and thoughts that it won't happen that way.

Caution: thinking about the past can also invite anxiety

You cannot change the past. What has been, has been. Depending on what in the past you are giving your attention to, things of the past can bring feelings of sadness, depression, melancholy and the like, and these feelings are not feelings of upliftment and joy.

So, if you think now about the not-so-happy times in the past, you can become sad. If your feelings indicate that this is happening, immediately shift your attention to the good things of the past.

Also, when you think about those good times and happy memories, avoid comparing them with the unwanted aspects of the present time. Comparisons frequently tend to diminish one's happiness and lead to sadness.

Follow your bliss

Whether you use the past, present or future to find thoughts that make you feel better, give your attention to the feelings you're having now, and give your attention to those thoughts that feel better now.

This is what is meant by the saying, follow your bliss. Follow your inner prompts; they will lead to feelings that are better than the ones you're having in this moment. And the Universal Law of Attraction will add to those better feelings and enliven more of that essence in you -- because your attention to something attracts more of its essence.

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