Bliss Living:
A Key In What Causes Happiness To Flow

Conscious Mental Attention - Part 4

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Bliss living: Following the inner signals that feel 'good' and 'right'

In practical, down-to-earth terms, there is only one signal we really need to be aware of, and that is the signal of how we are 'feeling' emotionally at this very moment - and at any moment of making any decision to do something, to say something or to think something.

Am I feeling at ease/light/joyful; or am I feeling discomfort of some kind.

To give a basic example; if you have the opportunity to do something that your 'inner being' or conscience knows to be 'wrong' – like something immoral, something illegal, and so on – then you get a signal of discomfort.

In such a situation the feeling would be described in terms of your 'conscience'. Your 'conscience' signals to you that it is wrong and you should not pursue it.

Or it could be about 'having an affair', or being engaged in negative gossip, or eating that extra helping of food, or staying up late, or writing that confrontational e-mail, or giving the guy at the telecom a piece of your mind for his company’s bad service - anything at all.

Listen to your feelings, not your mind

Whenever we are on the verge of doing something contrary to our best interests, our inner intelligence tells us it is not the 'right' thing to do. This is not our mind speaking to us; it is our body, speaking through our feelings.

By remaining vigilant and listening to our inner feelings, moment by moment, we can catch any feeling of discomfort and respond accordingly, and immediately. As soon as we take the 'higher road', then we come back towards more harmony with our 'inner being' ... our soul as it is sometimes called.

This is what some call bliss living.

This is true personal integrity and what leads to Self-Alignment and more happiness.

This is not about toeing the line with what someone else tells us, or what societysays is 'right'. It's about following your own inner prompts for what is right for YOU, now, in this exact moment of decision, speech or action.

But, hey! You already know all this

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Bliss living is not rocket-science, as the expression goes. In fact, you already know it, probably by another name. The art or skill of bliss living is to actually follow those inner prompts, irrespective of what your mind says, or what 'logic' dictates, or what friends or family urge you to do.

No one else knows what is right for YOU; only your own inner consciousness knows. And that consciousness speaks to the 'personality' you - the one with the first name and surname - by means of physical feelings in your body. Simple!

Just follow those feelings, boldly, bravely. Very soon you will be following them joyfully, with exhilaration. Why? Because your personality self will be more in line with your inner self, and you will be experiencing in that moment what it feels like to be in Self-Alignment.

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