Enjoy A Consciousness Shift
Through This Awesome Slide Show

A consciousness shift can take place at any time. Virtually anything can cause it, from a stress release that allows more of our inner bliss-consciousness to be experienced, to an 'Aha' moment when someone turns a light switch on for us by what they say. It could come from a traumatic experience too, not always from something pleasant.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine We never know when such a consciousness shift will happen. It is often if not always unexpected. And it can take several almost imperceptible 'little aha' moments to take us to the bigger 'aha' moment.

I was sent a PowerPoint slide show in e-mail once, and I'd like to share it with you. But just before you view it, I'd like to show you the two images below, and ask you a few questions you can ponder over in your own time.

Worlds within worlds?

The image on the left is a diagram of the moon orbiting the earth. It is a cropped version of an image from the website of the University of Wisconsin. The large circle represents the orbit, obviously.

The image on the right represents the hydrogen atom. The single hydrogen proton is in the centre, with the single electron shown on the 'orbit' circumference.

Moon orbiting the earth diagram Hydrogen atom diagram

Notice any similarity in the two diagrammatic situations?

Ever wondered whether that hydrogen atom is in itself a whole new level of universe/s?

Ever wondered where - or whether - it all ends?

What about the opposite direction in the size scale, from minute to huge; from sub-atomic to galactic?

A slide show to enliven a consciousness shift

Here's an pretty awesome slide show for your pleasure. It has some background music too. If you don't have PowerPoint installed, you can download a free PowerPoint viewer via one of the small-text links below. Enjoy the show!

Download the Slide Show

PowerPoint Viewer for PC
Mac? Microsoft seem to have pulled the download page.
Here's a link to Google for it:
PowerPoint Viewer for Mac

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