What Causes Happiness To Flow?

If you're looking for what causes happiness itself click here.

This page is more about the practical aspects of what prevents happiness from being experienced, and what we can do about it to improve our lives.

Get rid of the blockages to happiness

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineWhat causes happiness not to flow? It is said that happiness comes from within. But how do you get to it, or unlock it so that you can experience it?

The short answer to that question is: Get rid of the blockages, and happiness will flow by itself.

What are the blockages to happiness?

Again, the short answer is: stresses of all kinds and sources are what block the flow of inner happiness. Stress is what causes happiness not to flow.

How to get rid of stresses

We can quite easily start fixing this by simply changing our behaviour and habits and (a) doing something to dissolve existing stresses and (b) stop adding self-inflicted stress each day.

There are many pages on this website - and on other sites too - that describe ways to dissolve stress psycho-physiologically. Here are some of these.

Practical physical habits to get rid of stress

Get effective deep rest:
Get the deepest possible mental and physical rest via an effective method of what is usually called meditation. The method I use is Conscious Mental Rest.

Get enough good quality sleep
Take what measures are necessary to ensure that you get regular good-quality sleep each night. There are some good tips about this in the Self-Health Plan.

Have daily physical exertion
Alternate deep rest with some form of physical exertion that feels good for you - e.g. running or jogging; brisk walking; workouts at the gym; bouncing indoors on a rebounder (mini-trampoline); swimming. The Self-Health Plan includes information on how to exercise in accordance with your body type.

Have a balanced diet
Eat a balanced diet every day, with as much natural food (fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc.) as possible. Natural food is less expensive too. :-) The Self-Health Plan includes useful information on diet and eating in relation to one's own body-type.

Practical mental and social habits to cultivate

A lot of stress is caused by the way we think and how we speak and behave in relation to others.

Here are three key habits to start cultivating immediately. They will help you move out of feelings of guilt and self-discomfort towards greater self-love, inner peace and contentment with who you are.

In other words, you will stop accumulating so much new stress and you'll experience more happiness.

The links included below will take you to pages with more information on these three habits, including some tips on how to start cultivating them.

This is a biggie, because truthfulness will change your quality of life at the core of your very being.

Another biggie, kindness is the habit that enlivens the feelings of love and self-respect inside one.

A habit of appreciation is much easier to cultivate than gratitude, and in fact leads to positive thinking and gratitude anyway, in a spontaneous way.

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