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What Causes Happiness For Me - Choosing

by Romy Macias

I'd like to pass on this tip for happiness that seems to work for me. I have the choice to ask myself: "How do I want to perceive 'this' (situation, feeling, person, etc.)?" I like to start with how I am actually perceiving it at the moment, then I ask myself the question above. That usually empowers me to choose. That makes me happy and responsible too!

Romy Macias is mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, dancer, bach flower therapist, facilitator, entrepreneur and publisher, and the creator and owner of How To Grow Success.com.

This site is about happiness and how to be happy

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Thank you
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Thank you for sharing that very useful tip, Romy. I'm sure other site visitors will appreciate it too.

~ Gavin

by: Pru Joy

Yes indeed Romy - that is a wonderful tip & how clever of you to be able to do that!

further thoughts ..
by: Pru Joy

Does remind me of "mindfulness" but also takes in Gavin's "conscious mental attention" tips - that is, to follow yr "bliss" which does, of course, entail instant hesitation & observation of just what you are feeling & then choosing that which delivers "bliss" ~ either way it requires a step away from the habitual way of responding to life & I am thankful for both these instructions.

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