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Using A Timer With An Alarm Sound During CMR

by Damian

Is it right to use timer with sound alarm for CMR session?

Gavin's answer:

No, it is not good to use a timer with any sound for CMR. CMR is natural and that includes ending off without a sudden alarm. Such a sudden sound can jolt one out of a settled state of consciousness, and that is not good for the mind-body system.

Unlike some meditation techniques, with CMR the duration of your sessions need not be exact, but rather what feels right and comfortable for you. If you have time constraints, like needing to finish your CMR by a certain time, rather allow an extra 5 minutes or so to your chosen session time, in case you run over naturally. For example, if you decide you want your sessions to be around 20 minutes long, set aside 25 minutes to allow a 'buffer' in case you run over.

In addition to that option, you can have a watch or clock nearby, preferably not high up on a wall, so that if you feel the need to check how long you've been having Conscious Mental Rest, you can open your eye/s a little and peep at the clock or watch.

The idea is to give the mind some natural rest while remaining awake and conscious, without being stressed about the time factor.

You can also use the guided audio sessions of 20 minutes, or 25 minutes or 30 minutes if you wish. The link to these optional audio sessions is given in an e-mail two days after registering for the CMR course.

Please be sure to read each of the six follow-up e-mails you'll be receiving, as they are part of the course and will answer several other questions that will be helpful to you for your CMR sessions.

If you have any further questions, please hold them until you have completed the full course of six Q & A e-mails.

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