Free Alternative To Being A
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Yes, I know that transendental meditation should be spelled with a c, but many people search using this wrong spelling, so I wanted to catch their attention too.

How to help others improve their lives

One way to help others improve their quality of life, and help create a more peaceful world, is to assist people to learn Conscious Mental Rest - often referred to as 'meditation', (although it is quite different from traditional meditation methods and techniques).

Obviously, referring people to the online CMR course is one way to share CMR with others, one mind at a time. However, there is another way too, which is more rewarding personally - and more effective too. That is to run courses for groups of people at a local venue, such as a community room or hall, or at your own home.

I say 'more effective', because the participants have the extra benefit of what has been called the group dynamics of consciousness. They also enjoy the interactive aspect with the course facilitator and other course participants.

Easy (and free) CMR Course Facilitator plan

It is actually very easy for anyone to administer such courses. There is a CMR Facilitator's programme that is available from this website as a set of free downloads.

Briefly, this is how it works:

  1. You learn CMR yourself and use it daily. If you have already learnt, then that step has already been completed.
  2. You then learn the CMR Enhancer, a minor tweak to the core CMR method, which adds no extra time to your sessions. In fact, you may find that with the Enhancer you can actually reduce each session by 5 minutes if you wish to.
  3. You then apply to become a CMR Course Facilitator to obtain the Facilitator's Pack via downloads from this website. Like CMR, this is free of charge at this time.
  4. You set up courses locally and administer them in accordance with the simple guidelines. I do the actual teaching myself, via the audio files; so your role is to set up and administer the course programme for each course you run.
  5. You can charge a fee for your time and use of the facilities, and keep all the proceeds from such fees - i.e. there are no royalties or other monies are payable to me.

So besides being a rewarding programme as far as helping others is concerned, it can also bring you some useful income while you're doing life-supporting work.

Get more info

Curious? Possibly something that might appeal to you? For more info about a free alternative to becoming a teacher of some method of transendental meditation click on this link.

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