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Tips For Avoiding Spam Mail

by Ian

You may find the following tips about avoiding spam mail a bit amusing, but it is based on my 25 years in the computer industry and it is based on fact; hopefully it will help someone to avoid misery-causing Emails.

Virus warnings via e-mail

Regarding Viruses, when you receive a dire warning of a new Virus on the Internet never send it on to friends in your address book, or click anywhere on it. Write down the name of the so called Virus, then go on the Internet and type in the name of the virus and the word scam. This will tell you if it is just a hoax. If so simply delete the offending email. But on the other hand your Internet search reveals that it is a real threat then you can warn your friends, NOT by forwarding the Email but creating your own warning Email to send to them.

Most of the viruses on the Internet are put there by the very people who sell virus programs and Internet security. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and so Virus program companies never want to see it end, only grow larger. Of course there are other idiots who have nothing to do with these companies who put viruses on the Internet just to hurt or be smart.

Also China currently is training thousands of computer hackers to become adept in corrupting military, government, banks and civilian computers in the West. That is one of the real dangers that might be facing us as we move towards Skype or computer communications. Imagine if just in Sydney alone they shut down the computers that control traffic, airport and banks computers including shopping centres and ATM's, the chaos it would cause.

Avoid 'Crack' sites

Another dangerous place to go with your computer is on the Internet to so called "Crack Sites" these are Websites where at no cost you can download a serial or key number to activate Free a program or game for nothing this is a way many people in the past have free-loaded games and programs.

Years ago this was relatively safe however over recent years the people and companies who spend money and time developing programs worth Dollars are finding their profits and ideas stolen.

So to combat this they are submitting serial numbers and small programs called Keygens that generate a number or key for their programs that people have downloaded free. However when you open these Number or Keygens it instantly corrupts your computer. So my advice is stay well away from Crack sites.

'Speed-up your computer' software

Another ploy by some overseas companies is they offer you free "Speed Up" or scanning programs for your computer. Several simply run the so called free scan on your computer, As an experiment a group of computer Techs I know ran a couple of these programs on several computers. At the end of the test strangely they all showed exactly the same faults.

At the end of the test came the same message. Free scan complete. Our program can fix the faults found and speed up your computer just send us X amount of dollars.

So after you send them the money and the program is activated (if you are lucky) your computer seems to run a bit faster. What has really happened is the program has placed a slow down robot on your computer. This is stopped for the 12 months of your paid time. Occasionally just to remind you the program will either speak to you or place fancy messages on your screen just to remind you it's there.

Towards the end of 12 months the slow down robot cuts in and as you get annoyed with your computer's slowness you once again pay your subscription to the speed up con-men. Just the same as renewing your subscription to a Virus program company.

A thing that you have to realise, the normal Virus scanning program on your computer can scan each file or folder for over 200,000, yes that's two hundred thousand, virus signatures in less than one second. No wonder your computer needs a cooling fan on its Brain 'CPU'.

Virus protection

However, to use a computer without a virus program you can do several things, Install a 'LINUX' system on your computer, no problems with viruses. It runs fine along with your Windows XP program. So LINUX for Internetting and Windows XP for everything else but never connecting to the Internet.

Apple Mac computers I believe are faster, run smoother and never have a problem with Viruses.

The Emails your receive that are passed-on Funnies that you get from someone that has also sent these Emails to everyone in their address book, not knowing the real possibility nor risk, they do it in good faith not realising the risk to others they care for.

These corrupt Emails are what they refer to in the trade as Used Condom Emails because they are passed on from and to many people. They can carry corruptions and spyware not only to your computer but also to other people's computers. It is a bit like the AIDS Virus for computers. They are a bit like the old "Chain Letters" in many instances.

Normally if you say to someone 'you know those funnies you receive and pass on could carry corruptions' they can get a bit offended. Still, it is not said to offend; just let people be aware of what might be unknowingly happening, and that is the real danger in today's world of electronic technology.

'Remote Access' risks

The problem with all the Windows operating systems is just like a protective mother; they are to over protective and in this very fact leave your computer open to attack. One feature of the Windows operating system is a thing called "Remote Access" this allows anyone, anywhere in the world to log onto your computer whilst you are on the Internet. It is as if they are in your home sitting at your computer.

Normally this system will only work if you give that person or persons electronic permission to access your computer. Best thing is to disable "Remote Access" on your computer. Unfortunately you may need to check it every second day because a corrupt email or a link from a website may override and activate remote access, allowing hackers into your system and stealing personal gear.

Another thing that you never hear mentioned is about Keyboard Viruses. Whilst remotely connected to one of these hackers across the world or a corrupt Internet website, everything you type on your keyboard - Names, Phone numbers, Passwords and login words, numbers or letters also Email Address - can be recorded on some hacker's computer.

So the way to avoid this is when typing in private stuff use the Onscreen Keyboard you will find in Programs\accesories\accessabilities. You never have to type manually your password, etc. Just click on the onscreen keyboard.


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