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The Gift Of Our Self

by Jake M. Laguador
(Batangas, Philippines)

A Sense Of Volunteerism Among Students

- Social responsibility is being taught in institutions of higher learning through involving the students in community extension projects as part of the threefold functions of their respective colleges or universities aside from research and instruction. The goal of this undertaking is to uplift the lives of people in the adopted community of the university and teach the students to realize the value of volunteerism. But it would be achieved if we will develop a responsible community through reshaping the culture and instilling noble values to every individual. Promoting the character of Good Samaritan would set the minds of people to find more time sharing not only the gift of things but also the gift of heart.

Letting the students participate in community extension programs of the university would not only provide them the idea of how they can make people happy and satisfied with the services and donations they brought to the beneficiaries. But the most important insight they must realize is how they could be an instrument of God’s vision to impart their full potentials, talent and wisdom to become living emblems of notable volunteers and future heroes.

This site is about happiness and how to be happy

The making of dedicated volunteers requires some pieces of encouragement, inspiration, guidance, sense of responsibility and purpose. Adding some slices of faith, trust, integrity and commitment would complete the ingredients of having a delightful character of good servant leaders. The youth of today must take part in many challenging roles of designing plans and implementing the programs that would give them the sense of leadership and ownership of their achievements. This would give them the right empowerment and freedom to think and choose the best way where they could enjoy and be successful volunteers.

Developing an open-handed community of volunteers is a process of building a strong foundation of another society from the underprivileged people to participate in moving out the negative thoughts of hopelessness and wretchedness. Cultivating a positive mental attitude of people would give them enough courage and weaponry to fight against poverty. The quest for social transformation and mobility would show them more the challenging experiences leading to another circle of an enormous adventure.

Creating the life of volunteers is a great art of giving and surrendering one's own gift of time and spirit. Offering material possession is not the only way people could find themselves true volunteers, but also through utilizing their power to serve people to the best of their ability. It would lead them to a life which is quite memorable, seeing the faces of children painting the scene of innocence and goodness of God. They are the living examples of why a university must continue its journey and keep its hand wide open to share and embrace the people who really need care and understanding of God’s fairness and justice.

From simple gifts of joy and time to share with hard-up people, students can learn how to appreciate little things they are receiving in any manner and kind; that even little things can provide a greater happiness to the people who lost their way and hope to see if there's still a bright future ahead of them. Sharing the gift that people are receiving from God is the best way of saying 'Thank you' from our Great Provider.

This would be helping people realize that life is not as hard as they thought. Life would be better off, if they would keep their faith and feet in a journey sharing the same mission of helping other people. The essence of being a responsible volunteer is how we use our hands in lifting up people from misery and leaving them life with full of hopes and dreams. Little things can be a great reward no matter how much its value; the most important is to realize the significance and purpose of giving, not only material things, but how we give the gift of our self.


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This site is about happiness and how to be happy

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My Pleasure
by: Jake

Thank you very much to Sir Gavin for accepting my article. I hope everyone, especially the students would have a clear understanding of what is the real essence of being a volunteer to their respective communities. Their contribution to the society would really help change the world gradually, in their own little ways.

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