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The "evolution" of yr own meditation & "rest" experience Gavin ...

by PruJoy
(Albury, Australia)

I know that you have been practising closed-eye meditation in some form for over 30 years Gavin so I was wondering if you have observed any change in how it proceeds for you, the actual session, over that time? Or is it always just as if you were entering the experience for the first time?

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Gavin's Answer:

After initially trying traditional yoga meditation – which didn’t seem to ‘work’ for me - I then had someone teach me the TM Technique in person. That was in February 1975. That technique makes use of a sound referred to as a mantra. After all the introductory explanations, and paying the fee, I had my first experience of Transcendental Meditation.

My first thought was simply: "Wow! Is this all it is?” My first experience was almost a non-experience, and the technique seemed so simple. Yet I remember afterwards that I noticed something was subtly different in the way I felt. I couldn't put my finger on it, however. I just knew that something was 'working' at some subtle level. So that was my first experience of what they refer to as 'transcending'.

Then, as time moved on, I felt it was not how it used to be for me. My life did seem to be getting better, and my inner knowingness seemed to be developing without effort. It just happened, gradually. Yet I wanted more. I think I wanted a richer experience during the sessions themselves. So over the years I probably started slipping in some determination and effort, not so much deliberately as simply through desire.

When I think back, over the years my meditation sessions became quite mundane, coloured with post-session thoughts about whether this was really even worth the time I spent with it. My sessions were more a case of sitting there and following the rather mundane routine, and then getting on with life.

Then, some thirty years after I first learnt the TM Technique I experienced an insight that became the birth of a mantra-less method that I came to call Conscious Mental Rest. (You can do a site search on how conscious mental rest originated for more info on that.) It felt it was time for me to allow the mind to follow its natural tendency towards stillness, but without the vehicle of the mantra.. For me, and it seems to be so for many others too, a mantra somehow seemed to get in the way. Perhaps for certain personality types this may be the experience more than with others.

I enjoy Conscious Mental Rest, yet there are times when I just don't feel like sitting there for my session. When I overcome the resistance and just 'do it', then I am always glad afterwards that I did.

So, to summarise, I would say that over the years not a great deal has "evolved" during my sessions of Conscious Mental Rest. It is something like taking a daily shower. I just do it and get on with life. The sessions themselves still involve the same old process: the mind settles down a little, and the body follows suit. In the process stresses get dissolved, which triggers some activity in the mind and leads us back into thinking. We just follow the procedure when that happens, and the washing machine cycle continues as usual. As more and more stress gets released from the system, the nervous system becomes more pure, and the quality of our mind, body, perception, feelings and inner knowledge reflects the changes.

And, per the quote you shared, "When the nervous system is at its purest, then Being reflects in all its fullness, and the inner individuality of the spirit gains the level of unlimited eternal Being", that is what the whole process is really all about.

~ Gavin

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