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The Curveballs Of Life

by Steve Ward, Saint Charles, Missouri
(Finding Your Positives Blog)

As a batter in baseball faces many pitches, we too face many pitches throughout our life. Most pitches are straightforward without detours and sudden unexpected changes in direction. However, there is the dreaded curveball with its unexpected change of direction and sinking feeling questioning our ability to handle such a pitch.

The same is true in life when we are forced to face an unexpected challenge. Some of us are confronted with more challenges than others. I seem to fall into this spectrum of numerous challenges. Some challenges I have faced are;

-A close friend becoming a quadriplegic
-The suicide of a close friend
-The sudden death of a high school friend
-My parent’s cancers
-My cancer
-My mother’s dementia
-The assault of a close friend
-Job loss
-Placing mother in a nursing home
-My heart attack and more
-Just to name a few…

I could have been consumed by the emotions surrounding such challenges or somehow figure a way to deal with the struggle of coping day to day. The first steps of a plan seemed to begin when friends and co-workers shared their problems with me knowing I would keep their problems confidential. They would come to me later and tell me how much my listening and suggestions were helpful. This gave me the confidence that I could develop a way to help myself cope and overcome my challenges.

This new-found confidence and belief in me was a revelation to pay myself first to protect both my personal physical and emotional well-being. Through trial and error the plan of Finding Your Positives began to take shape and with repeated use evolved to a proven method for coping with and overcoming life’s challenges.

Throughout this journey I have learned for a plan like this to be successful it needed to be simple and easy to use day to day. The steps needed to be few to readily engrave to memory to easily recall when necessary. All of this was crucial so others could easily repeat the steps of the plan for it to eventually become a habit to employ when facing life’s challenges.

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