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Stream Of Consciousness

by Gavin Hoole
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Once upon a timelessness, in the land of Now, before any stream of consciousness begins to flow, there lives a hidden Isness. This Isness decides to expand its isnessness: outwards from the land of Now into many, many fields of Time.

And so, in this process there comes into being the species of Gens. Over time, these Gens proliferate into several Gen 'tribes'. The most prolific are the OxyGens, the HydroGens and the NitroGens.

After aeons in the fields of Time, through this moving stream of consciousness from its source in Isness, two of these Gen tribes make a pact in order to have new experiences in new fields of Time.

And so it comes to pass that each pair of HydroGens takes unto itself one OxyGen. And so they co-inhabit as a new tribe called the H2Os.

They live for many, many time-units until one day they decide to focus their vast awareness and vision into a new dimension. Again they gather together, this time it is not with more Gen tribes, but rather with one another - with other H2Os.

And so it comes to pass that each new H2O 'collective' channels its awareness into to a heavy enough version with a much narrower awareness of itself, with a physical body that enables it to descend and dwell for a sojourn on Planet Earth.

And so, millions of these narrow-focussed aspects of the broader H2Os descend to earth every day to have a new experience of life from a more focussed yet narrower perspective of their own broader H2Oness.

And they dwell upon the face of the earth, and huddle together in large groups, as puddles, lakes, dams and more. Some choose to come in different forms, like soft-falling flakes, or hard blocks of H2Oism. And the process seems never ending.

After sojourning for a while on solid earth, and experiencing the drip-dropness of their essential beingness, each H2O reaches the point where it is again time to end this particular sojourn and return home to the broader perspective of itself, and join up again with the H2Oism collective. To them it feels as if their 'lifetime' has reached its end. It is time to return 'home'.

When each one's time arrives, some experience a kind of freedom and release from their temporary, narrowed perspective. Others seem to know that it is all just a matter of perspective anyway, and they enjoy every aspect of their livingness -- both the bigger, broader perspective whence they came, or in the narrower awareness of their earth sojourn.

And within all these tribes, whether on earth or above, deep inside their individual and collective state of being, there eternally resides a deep feeling, and a subtle knowingness, that even their H2Oness has a greater perspective. They instinctively know that their H2Oness is itself derived from a pact between the HydroGens and the OxyGens.

Moreover, even the HydroGens and the OxyGens themselves know, deep down, that they too have their own origins in the 'bigger' species called the Gens. Furthermore, when the Gen species examines its own Family Tree, it re-cognizes that it too is born of something grander -- the boundless and timeless Isness itself.

And somehow they know too that all of this is - in essence - the timelessness of Isness expressing itself from the land of Now into the fields of Time.

And so, a calm descends over all that is -- the calm of Isness itself, enjoying its own expansion into the fields of Time and experience; enjoying its own eternal stream of consciousness.

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interesting ...
by: Prujoy

well Gavin that was an interesting philosophic fairy tale :-)

it kinda reminded me of L. Ron Hubbard's Axioms from way back in the early '50s - here's a link to a fair use page:


Stream Of Consciousness Confusion
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Thanks Prujoy! I went to that URL but was a little confused. Is there something in particular there that I should be clicking on? It seems like Scientology-speak to me, with terminology I am not familiar with.

PS: Oh, I've since clicked on Introduction to Clearing Technology - the first link in the left column on that page - (as well as the home page) and I see there is indeed a whole Clearing Technology lingo there. :-)

~ Gavin

reply ...
by: pru joy

I am a bit confused as to where you found unusual "lingo" Gavin - are you reading the actual numbered Axioms?

'Cause when I read thru them they seem self-explanatory - each axiom introduces a concept & terminology to match it which is then picked up & used in the following axioms.

The Axioms
by: Gavin

Prujoy, okay, I see what's happened. That site is constructed with frames, so when you copy a URL from the browser window, it is the same URL for several different pages. So we were probably (literally) not on the same page. :-) (I once discovered that the way to get the actual URL of a particular page at a framed site is to right-click on the link to that page, and copy the link's URL from the menu the menu that pops up. If you left-click on the link and go to that page, the URL in the browser window stays unchanged.)

further ...
by: Prujoy

OK - so do you get it now?

Of course you need to fully get the first axiom before progressing to the 2nd etc ...

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