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Stop Indecision - One of The Ways To Relieve Stress

by Gavin

In one of his books, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains: "When the flow of a particular desire is obstructed by another flow, energy is produced at the point of collision, and this flares up as anger, which disturbs, confuses and destroys the harmony and smooth flow of the desire. This confusion is created in the manifested field of Reality, and the purpose of manifestation, which is the expansion of happiness, is marred; the very purpose of creation is thwarted."

I have noticed that in a state of indecision a similar situation arises, but the 'collision' is not as strong and violent as when it causes anger. Instead, it seems to cause some level of frustration, disharmony and dissipation of creative energy. It diminishes the experience of happiness during that period of indecision.

I see this as being something like one option-choice being somewhat partially in conflict with the another option-choice. Indecision exists while the two options play off against each other in one's mind.

As long as such a state of indecision continues, there is some discomfort inside, and that disharmony diminishes the flow of creative energy and happiness.

It seems that we humans actually dislike indecision. I doubt that animals have much deciding to do; they probably just DO it ... spontaneously, instinctively ... whatever it is they do at that moment. But we humans tend to dwell incessantly in our mental faculties - our mind - and so we invite these situations of indecision into our lives whenever there are choices to be made, and options available.

I have noticed that even with simple things - like, should I go to a movie? or should I rather walk on the beach? - the moment I make the decision - whichever way I decide - I feel more energetic, charged for action, and happier too.

I've also noticed that while I'm in a state of prolonged indecision I can feel tired and listless. It's as if I am in limbo. When I make a decision, however, then everything changes! The energies are flowing again and the happy feeling is again there.

As we move more into tune with our feelings, then they guide us in what choices we should make. And as we grow towards a clearer consciousness, we more often experience what is called 'spontaneous right action', where mental decisions are not required.

However, most of us still function a lot in our minds. So I try to be more conscious these days that I should not linger in a state of indecision too long; I should decide things as soon as possible. And, if I cannot decide right now, then I decide there and then to NOT make a decision on that issue just yet, and to free my mind of it until a decision comes easily. It may be when the energy shifts and I feel the urge to walk on the beach more strongly than to go to a movie - or vice versa.

To decide consciously not to make a decision, is in itself a decision, and it allows any blocked 'collision' energies to flow harmoniously again.

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