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Steve Says Happiness Is A Choice

by Steve

YES, it is a choice! That's what I now believe, even though I have not been happy for most of my life and I know my happiness is tinged with deep sadness too.

We can choose happiness, BUT...

  • Sometimes you may not know it is a choice available to you. So if life is miserable, or offers little, and always has been this way for you, then why should you expect life to be any different? Happy people are either in denial or they are lucky, you would think.

  • Sometimes it's a choice that, for some reason you don't yet understand, you just can't make.

  • Sometimes it's a choice you feel guilty about making - what with all the troubles in the world right now, the global credit crunch, 3rd world famine, your neighbour's joblessness.

Still, happiness is a choice. And this should be explained to anyone and everyone, so that people's unhappinesses are challenged.

The poorest people I ever met were the happiest! So it's not about money or stuff or status... it's about choice - a tough choice, yes, but still a choice.

So say I. :-)


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Thank you Steve
by: Gavin

It's a tricky one, isn't it. In one way it is a choice, but in another way it isn't. We can decide on the actions we take, and the choices we make, but it's not so easy to influence the consequences of those choices after the fact.

For me, the real choice comes at the point of continuing to think a train of thoughts that pops up, or when speaking and acting. If we opt for the choice that feels good and right, then we are, in effect, choosing for happiness. ~ Gavin

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