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Soccer World Cup 2010 Happiness

by Stan
(South Africa)

I find it amazing that a whole nation can get itself so stirred up and almost 'crazy' about some international soccer matches being played in South Africa during June/July 2010.

I guess it must be one of the most lucrative CEO jobs around, being the head honcho of FIFA, because after all is said and done, it is a world-scale money machine with some powerful marketing and government-influencing 'strategies' that allow FIFA to call the shots to such an extent.

I think it is sad that a nation's people can get themselves sucked in to a such short-lived and superficial level of happiness ... a happiness that lasts only as long as their favoured team is on A winning streak. I wonder what life in South Africa will be like once the World Cup has been and gone, the visitors have returned home, the stadiums are empty, and life must go on to put bread on the table. I only hope that the people will have been enriched by this experience, in addition to the FIFA officials' financial enrichment, and those who managed to get in on the act in one way or another.

Sorry if I sound negative, but when I see the billions that have been spent on this tournament, and wonder how much went into the pockets of a few insiders, I find it difficult to stay optimistic -- especially after having clicked on a blog link that took me to this website: http://www.transparencyinsport.org/

I'll leave someone else to comment about these annoying and sooo irritating monotone plastic horns called the vuvuzela that people are blowing incessantly, even in residential suburbs from before dawn! Grrrrrrrr!

Am I alone in this, or do others feel similarly?

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Jun 19, 2010
Vuvuzela Concerto in B Flat
by: Gavin, Cape Town, South Africa

Someone posted this on my Facebook wall today, so I thought I'd share it here. I hope it will raise a smile and therefore enliven some of those happiness chemicals in some visitors to this site.

This is probably the only music score in the world where every member of the orchestra has the same music sheet.

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Jun 11, 2010
Some Peeps Do Enjoy The World Cup Spirit
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

I understand your feelings, Stan. I myself have several vuvuzelas being blown by neighbours around my home right now -- and not only by kids! LOL

But, hey, if the soccer world cup event helps to enliven some happiness in today's world, then perhaps that is something positive? Hopefully that doesn't get counter-balanced by unhappiness on the part of those who are overwhelmed by it all.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
~ Gavin

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