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Here's the current (28 Feb 2009) list of pages in this theme:

Stress Relief - Essential For Unlocking The Happiness Within
A Comprehensive Definition Of Stress
The Most Common Symptoms Of Stress
Stress Causes: The two-fold nature of the causes of stress
- A List Of The Main Causes Of Stress
- Is Your Body-type Particularly Prone To Anxiety And Worry?

- Financial Stress - A Major Cause Of Unhappiness?
- The Biggest Cause Of Stress According To Visitors To This Site
Mental Stress – Can Conscious Mental Rest Help?
Stress Tips - A Core General Strategy For All Kinds Of Stress

In the Pipeline: CMRTM Course Extension

The popular course in Conscious Mental RestTM is soon to be extended. The existing Phase 1 Course is to be followed by a new Phase 2 Course which will incorporate an additional natural and effortless component to support the existing Comfort Zone element.

The pilot evaluation I've been conducting on this new course extension shows that it lifts the method of the CMRTM Phase 1 Course to a new level.

Although not verified by scientific laboratory measurements, I can report that beased on subjective experience alone Conscious Mental RestTM (Phase 1 and Phase 2) now cleary demonstrates that it is at least equal in effectiveness to some well-known scientifically researched and highly rated meditation techniques.

Conscious Mental RestTM is now possibly even more effective than some of the highly rated meditation techniques simply because it is so easy to learn and also easy to continue using in an effortless manner.

With some of the other techniques that are meant to be effortless (espcially techniques using a mantra), the meditator's understanding of the instructions can often lead to an incorrect practice, with resultant difficulties and a reduction in effectiveness. This does not occur with CMRTM because of the pricniples applied in both the process itself and also in the way it is taught.

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