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Follow the main page route first

At the end of the Home Page and each of the four follow-on pages, click on the Next >> link to continue. This is the standard procedure for this main 5-page route to more happiness.

Along this route I will give you the links to other key pages that will lead you to the two habits referred to above. These links will open in a new window so that when you're done reading the applicable page/s you can close that window to return here and continue on this main route.

So, for now, ignore the navigation bar links on the left, and also those in the Table of Contents at the bottom of the Home Page. Those pages can be visited separately from this main route.

About links to other pages

  • Normal links (blue and underlined) will open the linked page in the same browser window. To return to the previous page, click on your browser's Back button.
  • A grey underlined link, like the one you just clicked on, will open a pop-up window like this one, to give additional information. Once you've read the pop-up info, click on the Close Window link at the end of the pop-up page to close the window and return to the page you were reading.
  • A green underlined link will open a new page in a new window. This is normally one of the website's topic pages. When you're done reading the page/s suggested in the main route, close that separate window to return to the main route.
  • Where text has a dotted underlining, if you hold your mouse pointer over that text, a ToolTip will open with a note of explanation, definition, and so on.

A neat way to mark pages for reading later

Sometimes you'll visit a page and decide you'd rather read it later when you have more focussed time available. Here's what I suggest you do.

  1. Firstly, bookmark this home page now (add it to your Favorites or Bookmarks toolbar).
  2. Next, click this link for a pop-up explanation of a neat free 'read later' tool.
  3. This window will remain open for you while you do that.

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