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Key to Happiness #1:
Allow your mind to quieten daily

The first key to your shortcut to happiness to set aside 15 to 25 minutes twice a day to allow your mind to move towards stillness. This becomes part of one's daily regimen, like taking a shower, getting dressed, eating meals, and so on.

The method I use for this shortcut to happiness is called Conscious Mental Rest (CMR). (Some people use one or other meditation technique, but I prefer CMR which I have found to be just as effective as the highly-researched meditation technique I practised for over 25 years, and without any Eastern trappings like mantras, gurus, or philosophies, which not everyone is comfortable with.)

CMR is an easy process that unlocks the happiness and inner intelligence within us. And it works. Many other people have confirmed this too (link opens a new pop-over window so you won't lose your place here).

CMR can be used by everyone

Conscious Mental Rest is not something you need to remember to do repeatedly throughout the day. Most people forget to follow such practices anyway, because once they get into their day's activities, 'life happens'.

CMR is something you do in the morning, as part of your morning routine before breakfast, and again in the late afternoon or early evening before dinner. In between those routine sessions, you just get on with living your life.

It is like a pleasant period of quiet 'me' time, and the benefits seep into your experience of life quite naturally, without having to do anything further or think about self-improvement - e.g. no affirmations or mantras to repeat during the day. The changes just happen by themselves.

You can learn CMR free

You can learn Conscious Mental Rest via the downloadable audio files. The entire course is free of charge.

I suggest you click here now to read all about CMR and listen to the 18-minute audio introduction. Then register for the free course without delay.

Once you've done that, the next step will be to start with the second key that is introduced on the next page - Conscious Mental Attention - per the Next link below.

Key to Happiness #2:
Use your attention wisely

Here is the second doable shortcut to happiness that we should also know about so that we can apply it to further assist the unfolding of happiness, creativity and peace in our lives.

In a nutshell, it is the practice of listening to your inner prompts in order to do what is appropriate in any given moment of your life. In other words, follow your conscience (your inner knowingness).

This is the core and crucial aspect of what I call Conscious Mental Attention (CMA).

Whereas Conscious Mental Rest involves the skill of effectively using our attention to allow the mind and body to rest and rejuvenate, Conscious Mental Attention is the skill of using our attention effectively in daily living.

Conscious Mental Attention supports the growth of creative consciousness and the expansion of happiness by minimizing the obstacles we so often place in the way, through old habits of thinking, speaking and doing.

Moving towards 'spontaneous right action'

The intention here is to grow towards what is known as 'spontaneous right action'. Reaching that state takes time; so some key practices will help to speed up our progress.

The broader theme of Conscious Mental Attention therefore includes some specific approaches to help you improve your skill in this key aspect of the two-fold shortcut to happiness. We'll cover this in more detail in the various sections about CMA.

You can learn about CMA free

You can learn the various Conscious Mental Attention concepts and applications at this website. Just like CMR, the entire CMA course material is available free of charge.

  1. I suggest you click here to read all about Conscious Mental Attention - the second key in the shortcut to happiness - and start putting the principles into practice without delay.
  2. Also, follow the free Mini-Course on Conscious Mental Attention.
  3. Lastly, read and implement the Three Happiness Habits.

Once you've worked through and implemented the recommended practices, follow whatever links you wish for more insights into the principles of happiness. Also, share your own happiness tips and other thoughts at the various Visitors' Pages at this site.

Bookmark this page to refer to again later

I suggest you bookmark this page to your Favorites toolbar now, or at Instapaper, so that you have can refer back to the links above when you're ready to read those pages.

Summary of the two keys to happiness

  1. Take a mental bath twice a day by allowing your mind to efforlessly move towards stillness and thereby dissolve stress and allow inner joy to flow more - Conscious Mental Rest.
  2. Listen to your feelings and follow the prompts of your inner wisdom for improved choices in life - Conscious Mental Attention.

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Where to next?

This concludes the guided tour of the key elements for living a happier life with greater peace of mind.

Step 1: Learn Conscious Mental Rest

Step 2: Start following your inner prompts

Once you've learnt CMR and are using the method as a daily routine, and you've worked through the CMA pages and implemented the recommendations offered, wander around the entire website reading the items that catch your interest.

New items are being added from time to time, and also as visitors, like you, interact with the site and submit happiness tips and articles too. So there will always be something new and interesting to read.

Wishing you much happiness in your life!

Gavin Hoole
Gavin Hoole
Cape Town
South Africa

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