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Sensations During Conscious Mental Rest

by Jim

Thank you, Gavin. I’ve been practicing CMR twice a day for the last 3-4 weeks. I find it difficult to find time on the weekends, but during the week is no problem.

The friend who recommended CMR to me has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for many years, and thought CMR was along a similar vein, although he has not tried it personally. I was very thankful for his recommendation.

I have a few questions regarding my experience of CMR, that I hope you might be able to help explain.

Sure! My responses are given below in blue font. - Gavin

1. I experience a dissolution of physical sensation during CMR. I’m fully aware (I can hear dogs bark, cars drive past etc…), but I lose sensation of sitting in the chair, hands folded together etc. Is this normal?

Yes, this is quite normal, though not everyone may have that experience. It is a good sign that indicates correct practice.

2. I sometimes experience physical jerks & twitches while doing CMR, is this also normal?

Yes, this too is normal; it indicates deep rest that is allowing stored stresses to get released in a physical way. I have noticed that some physical exertion or exercise during the day, that is above my usual level, may trigger such jerks during my evening session of CMR. Usually it is quick and short, and not really uncomfortable. I'm pretty happy when that (occasionally) happens, as it reinforces to me that things are 'happening' in the stress release area.

3. During CMR I sometimes experience mental twitches, similar to the physical ones mentioned above, but it seems that my mind “snaps” back to a more conscious state from somewhere deeper. A good analogy would be as if I were slowly lowering my foot into a pool of water (the water being my consciousness practicing CMR), and as I get deeper I become more relaxed, then out of nowhere a fish nibbles my toe (perhaps the fish is a subconscious thought?), and I jerk my foot out of the water altogether. It’s not physical, but still accompanied by a jolt – albeit mental.

Again, this is a sign that your mind is settling down and gaining some conscious mental rest, and taking the body with it. Sometimes the rest triggers thoughts, sometimes phyical sensations, and sometimes the shift in psycho-physiology may result in your awareness coming quickly into a more surface-level state of functioning.

As said in the course materials, every person is different, and one person's phyco-physiology is different from session to session. As stress continues to be dissolved over time, these occurrences may become less frequent.

Summary: Everything you have described is actuallt 'positive', and a sign of correct practice.

Thanks again for developing CMR and offering it for free. It is much appreciated!

Kind regards,


You're welcome Jim.
~ Gavin

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