Road Trip To Happiness

Recommended Route Map

For your road trip to happiness, there are several routes you can take.

The Strip Map

If the main purpose of your visit is to find out how you can become happier, without having to wade through lots of Web pages to find your way, then take this fastest, most direct route.

  1. Download the one-page Strip Map PDF file and save it to your Desktop. (You'll need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader to view the file.)
  2. Keep the PDF file open on your desktop.
  3. While online, click on each numbered link in that PDF Route Map - in sequence - to read the information offered on the Web page that opens.

Some of the pages have a Table of Contents at the bottom, which lists related pages. Explore any links that catch your eye, then go back to the Route Map to continue to the next numbered link.

Other routes you can take

For a more scenic ride, choose one of the following routes:

  • The Navigation Menu on the left of the home page
  • The Table of Contents at the end of the home page
  • The Site Map that links to all the pages on the site

Pay It Forward: Share This Site With Others

If you like what you find on this site, please pay it forward and share this site with your family and friends too. The Share this page: social network links and the text link at the end of each page are useful for this purpose.

Enjoy your visit!

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