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If you reach a page or section of pages that you'd prefer to read later, perhaps when you have more quiet time alone, then here's a method I use. It also enables me to download Web pages as PDFs or, best of all, in Kindle format. I can then download them to my Amazon Kindle and read them when I'm away from my computer.

The (free) service is called Instapaper (see link lower down).

Once you have an Instapaper account, drag the Read Later icon from the Instapaper website to your Bookmarks/Favorites toolbar. (Depending on your browser and operating system, you may need to right-click on the Read Later plug-in and save it to your browser's toolbar, or do whatever it is that Mac users do.)

How to use the Read Later service

When you're next on a Web page you want to read later, simply click on the Read Later icon on your toolbar.

Then, when you're ready to read that page (or several pages) later, log in at Instapaper and click on that page's link to go back to the 'bookmarked' Web page. (I have a bookmark on my browser toolbar that takes me straight to Instapaper, and I never log out from there, so I have immediate access each time.)

Once you have a free Instapaper account and have set up the necessary icon and bookmark to Instapaper, close the window to return to the page you came from.

Click here to sign up at Instapaper. It's free.

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