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Try this powerful positive thought for the day to easily access the power of positive thinking, a key element in how to be happy and create a better life for yourself.

When I am appreciative, I feel good.

And when you're feeling good, you are expanding happiness.

Here's a chance for you to test this single positive thought for the day - every day - and see the results in terms of more happiness and a better quality of life all-round.

Here are how to get started

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  1. Find something you like or enjoy (it could be music, your car, your bed, your fridge, anything) and look for aspects of it that you can genuinely appreciate.
  2. Experience the feelings that come with that appreciation. Spend some time at this, not just 10 seconds or so. Do it for a few minutes at a time.
  3. Do that a few times a day, whenever you think of it. Choose something different each time, and see if you get a repeat of those feelings and quality of energy each time.
  4. Next, think of something or someone you neither like nor dislike - something that just is. - and do the same appreciation exercise. This time you may need to look a little deeper to find an aspect of it to appreciate; after all, you neither like nor dislike the person of thing. When you have found as aspect to appreciate, explore it and appreciate that aspect as fully as you can.
  5. Then look for another aspect of that same object, situation or person, and repeat the exercise.
  6. Lastly, find something, some situation, some person you definitely do not like, and follow the same practice.

As an example, let's say you really don't like taking the garbage out. You would love not to have to do that each week or day, as the case may be. Then try to find something associated with that disliked chore that is something you could appreciate:

  • If you do the garbage chore once a week, then appreciate the fact that there are six other days a week that you don't have to do it.
  • Appreciate the fact that when it's done, it is done, and the home refuse bin is all nice and clean and empty again.
  • Appreciate the fact that you do it for only a few minutes at a time, while the garbage men do it all day, every day - and with other people's garbage.
  • Appreciate the fact that you don't have to find your own place away from home where to have to take your garbage yourself. It is all removed to the tip by your local authority.
  • Appreciate the fact that you can in fact afford the service charges to the local authority to have your refuse removed.

Benefits of the exercises

The point of these exercises with this one simple positive thought for the day is not specifically to prove to you that you can indeed find things to appreciate. The main purpose is for us to give our attention to things we like and can appreciate and thereby shift our energies in a positive direction to allow more happiness to flow in our lives.

Also, it reduces our resistance to what is, and allows us to flow more easily with the things we cannot change. This results in less stress and a more contented and happier life.

Taking it further with towards spontaneous Self-Alignment©

In the course in Self-Alignment© I will show you how you can further enliven within you an attitude of gratitude and appreciation. This will automatically nudge you in the direction of positive thinking and appreciation when you are on the brink of going in the opposite direction.

This means that when an opportunity arises to choose appreciation over anything less, your 'conscience' will be more discernable and you will more consciously be able to make a deliberate choice for more happiness. And that simple statement of truth - that aphorism - can be come your everyday positive thought for the day.

A perquisite for that course is that you will need to have been having two sessions a day of Conscious Mental Rest© so that the state of pure awareness has become familiar to the function in of your mind-body system.

This is necessary so that you can then learn how to use that heightened state of awareness deliberately to enliven the three qualities of truthfulness, kindness and appreciation in your life. This will help to unlock and enjoy more and more of the happiness that you were born to enjoy.

No need to wait for the course

You can start immediately … right now … this very minute ... to use the practices explained above and begin developing this important daily habit of appreciation. Make it your positive thought for the day that starts each day.

And have the following positive thought for the day - every day - to reinforce what you already know to be true.

When I am appreciative, I feel good.

Then when the Self-Alignment© course becomes available you can learn how to boost your positivity even more from the settled state of mind you will have cultured during your daily sessions of Conscious Mental Rest©.

Two other powerful aphorisms

Be sure to read about the other two essential habits for more happiness too: truthfulness and kindness.

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