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Philosophical Quotes By Michael Rawls

by Michael Rawls, Issaquah/Richland, WA, USA

The search for contentment is like the old man looking for his glasses, while all the time they are safe upon his nose. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Dissatisfaction is that bit of grit in the oyster that becomes the pearl. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

The opposite of fear is not happiness, it is decisiveness. Have no fear; happiness is to be found in having made a decision. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

God doesn't make my happiness. He just gives me the vehicle to go find it. -Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

To make excuses and do nothing is to accept the world as it is. Making a decision and taking action is to shape the world into what it can be. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Micro-management does little more than annoy the micro-managed. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

A good conversation results in a mutual agreement of uncertainty. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Shout praise, whisper blame. Sow encouragement, reap enthusiasm. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Each moment a blessing of abundance, each breath a prayer of thanksgiving. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

All of creation is my cathedral; all of humanity my fellow congregants. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Grand accomplishments are born from difficult decisions. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Master your choices, or become the slave of their consequences. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Creativity defeats complication with simplicity, overcomes fear with empowerment, and discovers order by achieving balance. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

When I was growing up, Mother was the necessity of invention. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

There are more people who know how to be virtuous than actually exemplify it. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

Kindness and compassion are not a suit of clothes to be worn only at convenient times. - Michael Rawls http://bit.ly/guzIh8

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