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Philosophical Quotes By Laura Teresa Marquez

by Laura Teresa Marquez, El Paso, Texas

Successful people always feel the most pleasant while doing the least pleasant on the list of jobs to be done. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

Life wants each of us to live on the 'A Team' -
Wider, ever more intense Acceptance of good in our lives.
Wider, ever more intense Awareness of good in our lives.
Wider, ever more intense Action for good in our lives.
- Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

Look for those choices where, once taken, you will never be the same again. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

For a Great Life, Use 'The Four Stays':

Let's recommit ourselves to...
  1. Stay Hungry (to learn more, to grow more, to exercise more, and to do more)

  2. Stay Balanced (Do not let any one part of our lives take over for very long -- Get rest, fresh air, and a balance of purpose-driven activities every day)

  3. Stay Aware of Good Already in Life Every Moment (This is the Good we see and feel that motivates us, energizes us, and makes us glad to be alive)

  4. Stay Intensely Service Driven (As with all people, we have rare gifts that need to be developed and shared, and many deserving people need the help that ONLY WE can give)

- Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

When we get impatient because something is taking too long, we should remember that Life waits on us a thousand times more than we wait on Life. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

Life is so complete that even when we are knocked on our backs, we have the best view of the stars. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

Live where your Passion finds a purpose, where effort is just another word for Joy, and where rest is the only distraction you allow. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

Every good thing in life is 10% vision, and 90% daily inconvenience, until you get it right. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

Not all successful people have found happiness, but all happy people have found success. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

I woke up this morning wanting to find that place where the best from me answers what someone else needs most. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

It is a wonder of Life that the Joy and Belonging we feel turning Upward are the same Joy and Belonging we feel turning Inward. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

The more beauty we find Inward, the more love we flow Outward. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

I hear Life saying to me -- "I am Here to Help, and, Together, Building a Better World is What We Do Best!" - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

The reasons people give for happiness almost always carry limits, and some baggage of the opposite. So, above all else, hold, practice and treasure, as a dear friend, your ability to be very happy for no reason. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

A Daily Attitude Goal for Myself: This is a very high goal, but one I believe to be worth the trouble: 'Whatever I do, I do much happier, cleaner, quicker, and more loving than anything I have ever done before.' - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

On your path, many constant small steps will be required, and may look like a circle, not getting you very far -- yet those small steps are almost always a spiral, taking you places you could never imagine. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

The Love of Life for Us: With all the daily emotions you feel, be sure to let yourself feel so awkward receiving such great, effortless love from Life. - Laura Teresa Marquez http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

A Quote on the Memorial of a Fallen Soldier
Sgt Trista Leah Moretti, 27, died in Iraq in 2007

To honor and remember a daughter and sister, the family chose the following quote:

"Our senses see great love as a shining moment while our hearts know its eternity."
(submitted by Laura Teresa Marquez) http://bit.ly/HWNpoO

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Comments for Philosophical Quotes By Laura Teresa Marquez

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Feeling So Awkward....
by: Laura Teresa Marquez

My love affair with Life has grown so much since I posted this quote. In a very unexpected way, I consider "feeling so awkward" as one of the greatest discoveries and treasures of my life. (Thank you to this website for the opportunity!) When I think about Life, Itself, intensely loving me -- sure there is gratitude and wonder, but "feeling so awkward" also captures the situation, with a feeling very much like that in any great love, only much better because the love is from Life, Itself.

Thank You Laura
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Thank you for your contributions to this website. They are really appreciated, as is your comment. I am pleased that you too are deriving benefit from posting your philosophical thoughts.

I have a question. By 'feeling awkward', do you mean something like feeling humbled? Or do you mean feeling awkward in a shy, awkward, kind of way, like you're not sure how to respond to the love of Life?

It would be interesting to hear your experience of life after taking the free course in Conscious Mental Rest, explained on other pages of this site. :-)


by: Laura Teresa Marquez

Thank you Gavin for your question regarding my feeling of awkwardness.
Recently, I decided to be very quiet, and to strip away from my thought all I had ever known.
Soon, in the empty space, I felt the great love of Life for me. Then, I felt very awkward about receiving such great, effortless love.
First, I felt the awkwardness of being very vulnerable. I'm putting my heart way out here. And if, someday, someone convinces me that this "love" is just a fantasy of my imagination, it would be a major hurt in my life.
Yet, most of all, I felt the awkwardness of total, overwhelming surprise. Anne Murray captured this in the song lyrics, "I fumble and fall, run into the wall, 'cause when it comes to you, I'm...just a kid out of school, a fire out of control, just another fool."
Today, I am very close to believing that the love of Life for me is the only thing I need to be certain about, maybe even the only thing I can be certain about.
In any case, I hope this answers your question, and I am looking forward to doing the CMR Method.

Thanks Laura. That's beautiful

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