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Philosophical Quotes By Gavin Hoole

by Gavin Hoole
(Cape Town, South Africa)

We each have all the knowledge we need, inside us.

We are indeed our own gurus. We need to tap into it, listen to it, not doubt it, and just trust and go with it.
- Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

When a nation interferes militarily and politically in another nation's affairs it is tantamount to interfering with their collective karma.
- Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

When understanding precedes experience, frustration arises, while vice-versa brings curiosity. The two in balance results in knowledge. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

By taking our attention to the silence within, we enliven the awesome power of creative consciousness, in ourselves and in our environment. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

Happiness may be a strategic choice. The action choice is to start reversing that which blocks the flow of happiness. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

The desire for happiness is a natural urge built into the human psycho-physiology. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

Happiness is the automatic result of making appropriate choices in what we think, say and do in our lives. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

Beware of 'intellectual enlightenment'. It is not the real thing. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

Love makes the world go round - literally. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

It's not about meditation; it's about transcending thought. That is what brings about real change. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

Pure stillness speaks not; it is silent. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

By taking our attention to the silence within, we enliven the awesome power of creative consciousness. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

We don't need to find happiness. We simply need to eliminate what blocks its flow. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

Those who try hard to convert others, have themselves not found the truth. - Gavin Hoole http://bit.ly/Hd7Rnd

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Happiness: Either it exists or it doesn't
by: Sandy

Happiness exists. It is not temporal. Your mind makes it so. Your mind tells you that it looks and must feel a certain way. But it actually just feels like "what is".

It never goes away. It exists.

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