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Philosophical Quotes By Dr Roopleen

by Dr Roopleen

Enjoy and share this collection of original philosophical quotes by Dr Roopleen, a motivational counselor, speaker and author of the book ‘Principles of Success made easy - 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of Success’.

To be successful, you need to keep an eye on what you want to achieve and not on what you already have. Just like while aiming, you focus on the target and not the tip of the arrow. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

If you always perform to the best of your ability, you will soon outgrow your ability. Excellence will then come naturally. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Starters for success 'vision, passion, determination'. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

When you don’t give yourself goals to achieve, you often keep going in life and don’t get anywhere. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Working towards a goal gives you a direction in life. Without goals, you keep running in circles. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Dare to dream, have faith in your abilities and you can create a better tomorrow. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

If you desire something strong enough and are determined to get it, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Each day is a new challenge, a fresh opportunity to transform your life and make it more meaningful. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Never fear failures and disappointments. They help you discover your real strength. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

There is no ‘one size that fits all’ recipe for life. Create your own life path. Weave your own happiness. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Life is never perfect. Life is what you make it to be. You can either play the victim and give in to the circumstances or you can choose to be a victor and live life on your own terms. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Life can be tough but this isn’t reason enough to give up. Each time you fall, dust yourself off and come back stronger. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYnTo be successful, you first need to comprehend what success means to you. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Too far can be very near with just the right efforts. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Faith is what pushes you towards your goals when fear repels you. -Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

It is not the amount of effort but the intensity of effort that distinguishes a winner from the rest. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Don’t just exist; LIVE! And while you are living your life, don’t forget to make your presence felt. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

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Don't be a part of the crowd; be a FACE in the crowd. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Success is not reserved for a select few; you too can be successful. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

To be successful, you first need to comprehend what success means to you. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

The best vocation for you is a combination of what you are passionate about and what you are proficient at. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Always be ready to learn. There is no age for learning and no end to learning. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Confidence does not come from knowing everything. It comes when you have an open mind and are willing to learn new things. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

The essence of being an optimist is to be always hopeful. No matter how nebulous your future might seem, always pin onto hope. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Goal setting is critical to achieve success. Goals help you design the blueprint of your life and give you a sense of direction. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Your mind is your own mirror. You are what you think you are! Self-belief is one of the fundamentals of achieving success in life. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Get real, face life squarely. Your success in life will depend on how you face the challenges that you meet. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Do not lament over your past follies and failures. Make sure to make them your great learning experiences. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

The biggest stumbling block to your success is your lack of self belief. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Dr Roopleen

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