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Philosophical Quotes By Dr Roopleen - Part 2

by Dr Roopleen

Enjoy and share this second collection of original philosophical quotes by Dr Roopleen, a motivational counselor, speaker and author of the book Principles of Success made easy - 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of Success.

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Every day do something that inches you closer to become the person you always wanted to be. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

You cannot choose your circumstances but you have the ability to control your responses at all the challenges that life throws your way. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Dreams become achievable when you begin to believe in them. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

No matter how many goals you have accomplished or how many achievements you have to your credit, there is always room for more. As long as you breathe, give yourself something to look forward to, keep setting goals- that is the secret of a long life. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

The fiercest battles are not fought outside with others but with the enemy within. You win every time you overcome negativity and choose to live a positive and upbeat life. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

If you are unsure of yourself and doubt your abilities, there’s no point trying- you are sure to fail. Before you begin your journey towards success, make sure to equip yourself with self-belief. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Life is all about 'You'- being yourself, becoming yourself and loving yourself. But before that you must -know yourself, understand yourself and accept yourself. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

The greatest wisdom lies in understanding of one’s strengths and being aware of one’s weaknesses. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Don’t get demoralized by the impediments and the roadblocks. Let the setbacks firm your resolve and make you more determined to succeed. - Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Successful people are not born. They are made of toil, sweat, perseverance, tenacity and iron will.- Dr Roopleen http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Enjoy and share this collection of original philosophical quotes by Dr Roopleen, a motivational counselor, speaker and author of the book ‘Principles of Success made easy - 14 easy steps to climb the ladder of Success’. http://bit.ly/l6KYYn

Dr Roopleen

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