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Philosophical Quotes By Claudia

by claudia

Only invest in people who are sincere and care about you. Life is too short to be worrying about what people who have no place in your life think and do. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Be honest – you expect people to be honest with you, so do the same in return and remember karma is always around the corner. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Keep your cool and don't let anger, frustration and annoyance get the better of you – take a breath, drink a glass of water, it's not probably not worth it. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Don't be lazy – if you say you'll do something, do it, don't make excuses and put it off. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Have patience – there is no rush. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Keep dark, negative thoughts out of your head; it's pointless and feeds on itself. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Never mind what other people are doing, what they have achieved and where they are going. Your life is your own to make what you will of it and you will take your own journey to reach your achievements. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Don't rely on others to make you happy – you are your own best friend and know what makes you happy. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Be healthier – this body is yours to look after; excessive drinking, bad food and slothfulness can not only destroy your physical body, but also have an effect on your mind and soul. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Stop being so jaded, and negative about the world and the human race – there is still good in this world; sometimes it's just hard to see when you are being so negative. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Don't make promises you can't keep and follow through with things you say you are going to do its plain respect. – Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Don't judge – you never know someone's full story. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ

Taking care of yourself is the first step to happiness. - Claudia http://bit.ly/SHludJ


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