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Original Philosophical Quotes By Visitors To This Website

Rodin's Thinker

Rodin's Thinker

Here's a page of original philosophical quotes (or, rather, 'quotables') written and submitted by visitors to this website. Please feel free to send in your own original philosophical thoughts to share with others too.

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Quote by Anuj SomanyFreedom is the kingdom of wisdom that blossoms the multiple numbers of innovation, invention and inspiration in life.
- Anuj Somany, India http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


Quote by Anuj SomanyA man can define many things beautifully in his life, but his character is one beautiful thing that can define him instantly and completely.
- Anuj Somany, India http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


The more you separate yourselves from one another, the more the world will separate itself from you.
- Sophie Jade Hattersley, Leeds, UK http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


Quote by Anuj SomanyNot everything is understood the way it is presented and not everyone presents the way it is understood.
- Anuj Somany, India http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


It is not difficult to convert a negative into a positive, given that a high level of tolerance remains persistent.
- Dr M Tariq Majeed, Islamabad, Pakistan. http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

It's better to be imperfect and to have flaws than to be perfect and have none. Because with the former, you at least know you are interesting and not bland.
- Heather, Arkansas, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Humans are flawed. We learn from our past mistakes and yet are doomed to forever repeat them.
- Heather, Arkansas, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Everyone wants to change the past. Let's say you did. You wouldn't be YOU anymore.
- Heather, Arkansas, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

I believe MISTAKES are usually MISS TAKEN.
- Robiel Menghisteab, Khartoum, Sudan. http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

The only person you have to prove anything to is the one you see in the mirror every morning when you wake up.
- Glenn Rosado http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


Anything in excess is bad except knowledge, because you can never have knowledge 'in excess'. You are always learning.
- Ayush Aggarwal, New Delhi, India http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Jenelle Nkenge NeddWinning

It's not about beating someone else; it's all about beating who I used to be.
- Jenelle Nkenge Nedd, Trinidad & Tobago W.I.
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Clean Life

Keep your hand clean and your mind clean from evil and you will hit the top. Nobody can keep a good man down. The only thing an enemy can do is to delay your progress, but you will eventually hit the top, 'what ever your top is'.
- Kenneth Chike Nwankwo, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Appreciation, no matter what for, should always be shown.
- Godfrey Ouwens, Burnett, Wisconsin, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

A thought in my mind is like a memory that has never happened.
- Godfrey Ouwens, Burnett, Wisconsin, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Motivation: Introspection And Drive

I stand on the shoulders of giants, reflecting on all that they've done and all that I am capable of. This motivates me to reach my full potential and to position myself in such a way that others would one day find themselves standing on my shoulders.
- Damilola Olatayo, Houston, Texas, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

It's not the goal of being 'complete' that should make a person enter a relationship, but sharing own's completeness to the other - if not helping each other build their own individual completeness. And so two worlds shall not become one, but instead remain as two different worlds circling the same sun and revolving at the same speed that will keep themselves close to each other.
- Erika 'Toska de Jesus Lumibao http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Always remember that ultimate truth cannot be reached but the idea is to always reach the fairest judgment to resemble ultimate truth.
- Deiaa AlHameed, Australia http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Breaking rules, we can create possibilities

I am a dancer/aerialist and I love the art f dance as well as any other type of art.

People get stuck in only one style or technique, or theory. The truth is that, all theories can be applied in their own way to help dancers/artist grow innovating and creating new theories.

I started a new dance project this year with my partner Tavon Pearson, called Grooving-Art - Inspiring with art in motion.

Grooving-Art is based on the art of dance to innovate and create the art of dance.
- Marcela Corbellini Duarte, Weston, Florida, USA http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

A Life Without Limits

I feel composers and artists of the past produced such inspiring works not because they knew every rule for what they were creating, but rather were not bound by any and lived for the sheer love of what they did. Rather than assuming our personal extent, maybe an extraordinary life can only be attained by living to fulfill our passions and waking up every day with the assumption that there are no limits.
- Derek Anderson, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


The little girl you use to know has grown to fend for herself. Every day she wakes up with a smile knowing that behind close doors her smile dies just like her heart everyday.
- Joelle Arnett http://bit.ly/VyuRhq

Learn From The Book

A book is never in a hurry to narrate its own story.
- Shanenok Nevis, India http://bit.ly/VyuRhq


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