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No-Spam Help

by Nancy
(Wheaton, IL)

All I know to do at this point is to check the sender and click on spam. I have Windows Vista. I thought about just totally starting over with a new email address and password, after, of course, I alert my contacts of new information.

Is this the only surefire way to eliminate spam? And what contributes to a person's receiving spam? Is it forwarded mail, attachments, etc?


The Spam issue is making me sick!

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Spam Mail Solutions
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Nancy, I'm no expert when it comes to spam control. But, like you, I had to come up with a solution because it was getting so bad. So, I'll give you my own opinion on what works for me. If anyone has a better idea, I would love them to post it on this website for all to consider.

With Gmail as your spam filter method I use, you won't need to advise anyone of your new e-mail address. You simply do the following.

  • Create a Gmail account with Google.

  • Set your ISP e-mail to forward all your e-mail to that Gmail address. Most ISPs today allow you to do that yourself by logging in to your e-mail through their webmail option. Or, just phone them and ask them to do it for you.

  • In addition, create a new alias address at your ISP. Many ISPs allow up to, say, 5 aliases (meaning other addresses that go to the same mail box). You keep this address secret from everyone. It is for your own spam filtering purposes only. Never use it in e-mails, and never share it with ANYONE.

  • So, now you have all your normal mail getting forwarded automatically by your ISP to your Gmail address. And you have a secret alias address set up with your same ISP.

  • In Gmail, create a filter to forward mail from selected senders to your secret e-mail address. All other mail stays at Gmail.

  • When someone e-mails you and they're not listed in your filter, and you want their mail to go through to your ISP IN box, forward that e-mail manually to your secret address, then add the sender's e-mail address to your Gmail filter for future mail received from that person or company.

Gmail has its own spam filter based on the spam reports of millions of users. Some spam mail will still get to Gmail, but 99% seems to go to the Gmail Spam box. If the odd item does land up in your Gmail IN box, you simply click on the Report Spam button and it gets sent to the spam box immediately. But it will not go through to your ISP mail box and end up on your computer in your e-mail program that you use.

When you create your Gmail filter, just create one filter in which you can add many e-mail addresses one after the other, each address followed by a comma and a space.

What causes spam?

There are many possibilities, such as:
  • signing up for something online, with a not-so-reputable company

  • entering competitions online

  • responding to dodgy online offers

  • having your e-mail address on a website where spam bots can harvest it

  • someone you know having your e-mail address in their address book, and they get a virus on their system which grabs all the addresses in their address book and uses them for spam purposes

  • providing your e-mail address in forms filled in offline

If you have any hassles setting it up in Gmail, just add a comment here and I will try to help.

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