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My Happy Baboon Burglar Made Me Laugh!

by Gavin

A Chacma baboon near Cape Point, South Africa

A Chacma baboon near Cape Point, South Africa

Ever enjoyed some happy laughter just after a surprising or intimidating experience? Here's what happened to me. The bedroom door handle just turned, and into the lounge walks the biggest baboon you can imagine!

I opened the sliding door to give him an exit access, but he was not interested. Instead, off to the kitchen he goes, jumps up on the counter, reaches up to the shelves for a see-through plastic cereal container, then pushes open the kitchen window and makes his exit with my muesli!

My explaining to him noisily that he should @$%! off immediately just fell on deaf ears. These buggers are now visiting the neighbourhood twice a week! On Monday they trashed all the refuse bins in the street ahead of the garbage collectors. (LOL ... still laughing here at what just happened.)

Last week my neighbour was attending to someone downstairs when a baboon entered upstairs and grabbed his muesli from his kitchen too! The other neighbour has just told me Mr B trashed his daughter's rice and stuff all over the floor, and opened the fridge and trashed the contents from there too! LOL

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From Your Daughter In Spain
by: Angie

NO WAY!!!! Jeeeez next thing they gonna be burgling you in the middle of the night! How do they get in? Did he get in the bedroom window?

Baboon Happiness:
Stealing Humans' Food

by: Gavin, Unlock-Your-Happiness.com

Bedroom or bathroom window (probably the bedroom).

I'd better hide my precious Amazon Kindle in case the buggers can READ! :-)

It was interesting to see the door handle turn down. I knew no one was in the bedroom, so it was quite a strange feeling to observe it from this side ... wondering what the dickens was going on.

Then this hairy, monstrous guy walks out of the bedroom as if he owns the place. I mean, he was about a metre from me when I got off the couch and asked him to leave! He must have brushed right past Helga who was in the kitchen. It happened so fast, yet kind of in slow motion.

And when he had grabbed the muesli, he just pushed the glass window to open it - as if he knew all about how doors and windows work. And, as you know, we're on the first floor, so he had to climb down to the ground with this big cereal jar in his hand.

As it is, we lock the bedroom door when we go out - for this very reason. But this was, as the saying goes, daylight robbery while the occupants were at home!

After he'd left, we just packed out laughing! The neighbour was in our driveway with his catapult, ready for action! LOL

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