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Muscle Twitches And Contractions During CMR

by Leandro

This afternoon I have just finished a 30 minute session of CMR. Immediately when I started I felt little muscle contractions/twitches in my left upper leg and they stayed for the whole session.

And at the end, I guess at minute 20 or so, I suddenly got spontaneous contractions of my rectum/anus. I got frightened and immediately stopped my session. These anal contractions last only for seconds and I "got awake" when I got them. Before I got these contractions I was in a kind of twilight zone / slumber.

I know that these signs of muscle twitches and contractions and also the fast rectum/anal contractions are signs of Kundalini activation.

My question to you is :

Is it true that CMR can activate Kundalini and Kundalini symptoms?

For example, it is known that other kinds of meditation such as Transcendental Meditation also gives these twitches and contractions and Transcendental Meditation can also cause awakening of Kundalini. I have always thought that these things were the result of the mantras they use. I thought that CMR could not have these effects, because it is done in a natural way and without mantra.

I hope you can explain this to me.

Thank you in advance.



Leandro, twitches can indeed occur during a CMR session, though no other CMR practitioner has ever mentioned this particular type of physical contraction at the base of the torso.

I referred the kundalini and TM aspect of your question to a qualified TM teacher for his comment. The response indicates that kundalini is not something that is discussed in detail in the TM teacher courses, and that there does seem to be a lot of speculation and assumption in regard to that aspect of the human energy systems. I myself do not get involved in those kinds of 'spiritual practices' - either as a practice or as a topic to read up about.

I share your assumptions that because CMR does not involve the use of a mantra, the effects of which we simply do not truly know, CMR provides a very natural way of giving the mind some rest from obsessive thinking, while remaining awake. Because it is so natural, and allows the mind-body system to follow its own natural tendencies to settle down, some stresses are able to be released. This then results in improved functioning in the entire mind-body system. In a way, this is how sleep works too, though in a non-awake state of mind. The rest gained during sleep refreshes the system so that it can function properly when awake.

If you continue to have discomfort of any kind, consider reducing the CMR session time. I suggest you cut it back to 15 minutes per session, and then, if things are again comfortable, gradually increase the time by roughly a minute each day. The sessions should be both comfortable and easy.

Please keep me posted on your progress.

- Gavin

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by: Leandro

Dear mr. Gavin,

Thank you very much for your fast answer.

I will diminish the duration of my CMR sessions. And maybe one session each day is enough for me.

However, I felt very comfortabale during the CMR session yesterday and after the session I felt that I had got a lot of rest and stress recovery. After the session my fatigue was gone.

My personal experience is also that the CMR "technique" give results much faster than Transcendental Meditation, because there is no use of mantra, so the mind can immediately settle down (in the natural way) and stress can be released. Maybe, this process (without mantra) is a bit too fast for me.

Kind regards,


by: Leandro

Thank you for your email.

For the moment I have quitted my CMR sessions.

Last friday (2 days ago) I got an attack of severe dizziness (this has nothing to do with CMR, I am just too tired and do not sleep enough) with difficulty to walk also. And meditating makes the dizziness getting worse.

And tomorrow I have to work again, so I don't want to take any risk with my dizziness becoming worse.

When I feel better again, I will start CMR again.

Thank you again.


Health Issues
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Leandro, thank you for your latest update.

Yes, I feel that sleep is the first priority. So I support your decision to get your current health sorted out first. You will know when it feels right to get back to daily CMR again.

I'm not sure what your health profile is like, but sleep is critical. If the dizziness continues (without CMR) that might be a signal to have a health check with a health professional.

Based on your e-mails, and your initial kundalini question, I would suggest that the symptoms you have experienced recently are possibly related to some pre-existing health issue (or simply recent lack of sleep), and that the kind of rest gained during CMR - especially the longer 30-minute sessions you were having - *may* (though not necessarily) have brought those issues to the surface rather quickly, as part of a healing process.

During sleep people sometimes experience quite strong bodily sensations when stresses leave. This seems to happen more so after physical exertion, such as walking, jogging, gym-exercise, and so on. The sensation might be a jerk in a leg, sometimes accompanied by a light dream-thought or feeling of slipping on a staircase.

This is all natural and beneficial. In the past few days I myself have had several physical 'jumps' during my CMR sessions - one where my legs jerked and another where my arms jerked, where I felt as if the muscles were discharging fatigue after having done some walking.

Sometimes a person may have some stored stress that a meditation technique or a method such as Conscious Mental Rest may release in a way that elicits such physical responses too. The stress release sensations may come in different forms, such as head pressure, twitches, emotions, visual colours, and so on. What you experienced at the base of the torso could well be just another way in which stress is being released.

As explained in the CMR course instructions, if any experience during a CMR session feels strong enough to create its own mental anxiety or concern, or just plain physical discomfort, then follow the course instructions for dealing with that. Those instructions include not analysing it, or judging it, or trying to explain it to yourself, and so on. Just be with the feeling innocently. Usually it doesn't last long and everything soon becomes smooth and relaxing again.

It is therefore fine during such bumpy rides in your session to not be concerned about whether you are experiencing mental rest or not, or whether you 'should' get back to the process. It may well be that the process has in fact triggered the stress release. So, if that experience is not a pleasant one, then take time to let it clear, without trying to come back to the CMR process before it feels comfortable again to do so.

(Continued in the next comment block)

Health Issues - Continued
by: Gavin, Unlock Your Happiness.com

Continued ...

Too much may be going on inside you as your psycho-physiology goes through those healing adjustments, and any attempt to force your way back into CMR would result in effort and stress. We don't want any effort in CMR, and that includes any effort in trying to stop the sensations, or trying to analyse them. Just be innocent and trusting and allow your awareness to be with the sensations.

As regards the intensity of stress release, if what you experienced earlier happens again, that might suggest that for your current mind-body state of being it would be more suitable to have shorter sessions, twice a day. And if 15 minutes a session still results in too much 'activity' arousal due to what we can assume is stress being released, then you can cut each session back to as little as 5 minutes. Then work up again gradually over time to 15 minutes.

When things consistently feel good, then take it up slowly to 20 minutes, if you feel you want to. For your own situation perhaps 20 minutes would be the maximum time for a session - plus the ending off few minutes. Never end off without that 2+1 procedure explained in the course.

Please stay in touch. It will be valuable for you to experience mental rest daily, and I would like to help clear up any concerns you may have along the way so that CMR again becomes a happy, smooth part of your daily routine.

- Gavin

Muscle Twitches And Contractions During CMR
by: Jan

Hi Gavin & Leandro,

I have experienced the same. Completely effortless and involuntary muscle contractions in my upper legs. It started after about a week of meditation, and features fairly regularly in my sessions.

I have noticed changes in the pattern of movements, and cannot predict exactly what will happen in any particular session, but the feelings are not unduly uncomfortable, and I accept them as manifestations of stress release. I have also had my hands raising from my lap and "floating" effortlessly, but that has only happened twice.

I would think one shouldn't be overly concerned about an anal sphincter contraction - a sudden involuntary release would in all probability be much more disastrous! ;-)

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