Do Meditation Benefits
Really Continue?

Even When It Seems Meditation
Has Stopped Working?

Meditation benefits just seem to lessen over time. The reason is the adaptability of the mind-body-system.

The bath water comparison

For example, climb into a nice warm bath. After a while your body has adapted to the water temperature and it no longer feels hot enough. So you add more hot water. If you stay in the bath for a while longer, you may find yourself adding more hot water a second time.

I've never tested the bath water temperature with a thermometer in such a situation, but it would be interesting to note the temperature when you first get into the bath, and after you've added more hot water for the second or third time. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the bath water is hotter at the end of your bath than it was at the start. Yet, to your body and senses it doesn't feel that way. If you have a thermometer, perhaps you'd like to do that experiment one day and report back here via the Comments link.

Meditation benefits - my own experience

This gives a clue to the second possible reason why people might feel their meditation is no longer working. It has nothing at all to do with the effectiveness of the meditation technique or method itself.

This is a more universal aspect that occurs even if you are meditation correctly. It's the old story about familiarity. It relates to the adaptability of life itself. After 35-plus years of daily deep meditation, I too sometimes ask myself: Is this really doing anything for me? Or have I been wasting nearly an hour or so a day with this practice?

Every time I go down that road, sometimes even missing meditations, I come back to the experiential conclusion that 'this thing is still working!' By that I don't mean it blows my mind with lights and angels and bliss. I mean that it definitely does bring about some subtle wholeness and peace at the core of my being, which expresses itself in various ways in my life.

From definite experience to doubt

The point is, when we first start the twice-daily routine of deep meditation, or Conscious Mental Rest, immediate changes start taking place in our mind-body system. And we notice that something is different.

Some people notice that they start feeling less stressed; others feel that life seems 'smoother'; yet others are more comfortable being who they are, and that their relationships improve at home and at work. Health improvements are other noticeable benefits that occur.

Yet, after some time, it seems all that shift has stopped happening, and we're back to the same old, same old experience of life ... for a while.

It's often only when you look back at your life as it was before you started meditating, that you realize that you are indeed experiencing life differently - and that this shift is still continuing.

What's the conclusion?

So, do meditation benefits really continue, even it starts to fee that nothing is really happening? From my own experience I would say, Yes, they do. Meditation does not stop working. What really happens is that - just like the smell of the ocean, and the hot water in the bath - we become accustomed to our new way of experiencing life. So, it seems that our daily sessions aren't as beneficial as they used to be.

If you doubt this, stop meditation for a while, and then start your daily sessions again. See if you notice any difference.

Feel free to comment below. Better still, write your own page to share your own experiences about whether meditation benefits seem to have lessened or continued for you.

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