Mastering Meditation

Feel you need help in mastering meditation? Don't despair. Easy techniques can often be far more effective than those requiring strict mental discipline.

Meditation need not be difficult, nor expensive

There seems to be a belief shared by some people that for meditation to be effective it needs to be difficult and require strong mental discipline. This is not the case. In my 35 years' of deep meditation practices I have experienced three highly effective methods - including the most scientifically researched technique of all - and all three of them have been very easy, effortless and natural.

And of the three, I consider Conscious Mental Rest to be the easiest and most natural; it does not require the use of a mantra, and it is the most effortless of all of them.

Free 10-minute meditation Primer

To help people get started with meditation before deciding whether to take a formal course in any particular method, I am offering easy-to-understand instructions in how to move towards mental stillness - as a FREE download.

The document is available in both PDF and Kindle format.

The Primer will get you going immediately with a short 10-minute method to start with.

You can then decide whether and when to lengthen your sessions. You can also consider taking the free downloadable course in Conscious Mental Rest

So, to start mastering meditation immediately, use the form below.

It's all yours for the taking, and for sharing with others too. Your e-mail address is not even required.

Free 10-Minute Meditation Primer

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