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Making Time To Meditate

by Gavin

When I first started meditating regularly twice a day (in February 1975) I was working in the corporate world and also had children to take to school on my way to work. So I had to leave home at the same time as always.

The only solution was to wake up half an hour earlier each morning. That soon became a comfortable routine for me. And it was a nice quiet time to sit and meditate too. So, the morning meditation was never really a time problem for me.

The evening meditation was, however, more of a challenge. I'd get home after work and the kids would be energetic and exuberant, and ... well ... you probably know what it's like when the father and husband arrives home from work. It's not exactly the ideal and easiest time to close oneself off in the bedroom and sit there in silence for 20 minutes or so.

Nevertheless, I justified my 'disappearance' into meditation on the basis that other men would probably be at the pub or on the golf course at that time. I was at least at home, and doing something that would benefit the whole family. :-)

Regarding noise, there was a time when I would go and meditate in my car in the garage, because I was sensitive to noise and wanted to get the most out of my meditations while the children were having a ball inside, or in the pool.

I was fortunate that I was totally committed to meditation, so making the time for it was no big deal for me in those early years. Sometimes, though, work or social engagements made it a bit tricky, and I had to adapt the timing to accommodate. Perhaps I'd meditate sitting on the loo seat before leaving work, or I'd meditate in bed before going to sleep.

I think the key question is whether one is really serious about improving one's experience of life. If you are, then it becomes easier to make the changes necessary in order to do so.

I'd be interested to hear how others adapt their daily routine to accommodate their sessions of meditation or Conscious Mental Rest.


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