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Looking for the keys to happiness?

Want to find them without searching all over the place?

Then you're at the right website and on the right page.

But why this extra page?

As of January 2010 this website had close to 250 pages, many of them quite long. I had to write a fair number of pages to get the site visible via Google and the other search engines, which is probably how you found this site. So it seems the site building formula I use is indeed working. And it's given me much enjoyment too.

But ... keep it short please!

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However, if you're anything like me, you just want the bottom line of the main keys to happiness, without wading through pages and pages. Even this introduction is probably a pain in the butt for some people. But, again, I need to follow the formula for getting traffic to this site. :-)

So, without further ado, here are the few simple and easy keys to happiness. Grab these keys, put them in the lock, and unlock more of your own happiness from within.

Key # 1: Transcend mental thought twice every day

Use an effective meditation technique - daily - that will allow your mind to move towards stillness - to tap into what Eckhart Tolle describes as The Power of Now, and what is often referred to as pure consciousness, the source of thought.

You'll find a lot of pages on this site that go into this in more detail. So, choose a meditation method you will use and then just DO IT! And if you have meditated before, but have stopped, get back into the habit.

Use whatever method or technique works well for you. Just make sure it is indeed an effective method for getting profound mental and physical rest while remaining awake. (See the red heading on the page about the benefits of meditation). This site offers Conscious Mental Rest (CMR Transcending Meditation).

Key # 2: Follow your inner 'voice' for right living

You'll find a lot of pages on this site that explain the principles involved with this, and that give you some practical methods to assist you in this area.

The bottom line is: be aware of your feelings. If what you are thinking, or are about to say or do, brings an inner feeling that is not 'good', then change the thought, speech or action to what feels better. That's it; simple.

Actually, Key # 1 is really all you need. It will take you more and more towards 'spontaneous right action'. But... we can sabotage the benefits of meditation as told to me by CMR practitioners by hanging on to old habits that slow down the process of becoming more whole.

So, it is beneficial also if we consciously do something about changing those habits to speed up the process of spontaneous happiness expansion.

You can read more about this in the section on Conscious Mental Attention (see also the Site Map).

So, those are the two essential keys to happiness. The following three habits are also very useful habits to cultivate.

The three essential qualities and habits

As said above, effective meditation causes us spontaneously to grow in these three human qualities. Yet we can accelerate the process by consciously being aware of our choices in day-to-day living, and choosing what works best. And here's what works best.

  • Always be truthful in everything
  • Always be kind to all
  • Consciously appreciate as much and as often as you can

These three happiness habits create the right circumstances in your own consciousness to accelerate the expansion of happiness already being gained through your twice-daily effective meditation sessions.

That's about it. It's not complicated. And it works!

To summarise the above summary

If you do these things, you will become
happier ... and happier ... and happier.

These are my personal keys to happiness. They work!

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