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Key Points For Happiness

by Dr. Purushothaman
(Kollam, Kerala, India)

  1. Happiness is really a state of the mind.

  2. We have to choose happiness.

  3. We must sincerely desire to be happy.

  4. We have to believe in the law of the mind.

  5. The kingdom of happiness is in our thoughts and feelings.

  6. Happiness is the harvest of a quiet mind.

  7. Happiness is really a habit of the mind.

  8. Always think positively.

  9. Always experience and enjoy an inner smile.

  10. Always follow the Flow of Life.

About the author
I, Dr.Purushothaman, (Visionary & Director, Centre for Human Perfection, a Centre par Excellence for Mind Programming & Applied Life Themes), M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; Ph.D (Psycho) am currently working as a General Surgeon, Spiritual Scientist, Positive Psychologist, Life & Happiness Coach, Positive Health & Well Being Trainer, Mentor, Motivator, Master Mind Programmer, Consultant to various National & International Organizations
E-mail: beingwithbliss@gmail.com



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This site is about happiness and how to be happy

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