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Joy and Happiness

by Joseph 'Tricotomas'
(Toronto, Ontario)

Happiness is an emotion which is impossible to have 24/7 because emotions are responses to stimuli. A stimulus is experienced every moment of your life. Therefore a new emotion is dispatched in conjunction to its event or stimulus. Happiness is what I call an acceptive emotion because we had concluded that its attached stimuli were pleasant to the eye and good for food; therefore good for the taking. Happiness can be either positive or negative depending on the circumstance. A person suffering from an addiction is happy when he is accessible to his poison of choice. This, however, is not healthy or positive.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. The Spirit is forever and so is Joy. Joy is not an emotion but a state of acceptance that his or her God-driven life oozes with beneficial outcomes. We know that God is forever holding us in His hand. Joy!

Faith leads to Joy, Love, Peace, and Life.


This site is about happiness and how to be happy

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