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Is Meditation Essential For Happiness?

by Tammy
(United States)

Tammy in the USA asks a very valid question about the role of meditation in the experience of happiness. There are no doubt many people who, for one reason or another, are not attracted to the idea of sitting quietly each day in the hope that it will make them feel happier. For many, something more 'concrete' is wanted.


Is there any other way of being happy other than meditation?


Hello Tammy

There are many ways to be happy. You seem to have a reluctance to spending some time each day sitting quietly? :-)

That's quite understandable. It is a time commitment, after all ... like jogging or going to the gym.

On my website, I suggest two basic approaches: (1) tapping into the reservoir of happiness within (in my case, using Conscious Mental Rest); and (2) enlivening our inner happiness by following the inner prompts from within -- i.e. doing what our inner 'voice' tells is right and appropriate.

This all sounds theoretical, I know. But on the website you'll find the practical steps for both of these approaches. The one - CMR - helps to allow more of our inner creative consciousness to flow in our lives, because in the process stress is cleared out of the way as we sit and allow the mind to rest each day. The other - Conscious Mental Attention - recommends three basics habits to cultivate, which in themselves will trigger our inner happiness through the way we live life. They also help us to hear the inner prompts more clearly.

I suggest that you read through the pages under the heading Attention in the menu bar on the left.

For those who learn Conscious Mental Rest there are follow-up courses that build on that information and integrate the two aspects (CMR and CMA) in a way that the one supports the other. These courses are all free of charge at this time.

The thing is, we can be happy in many, many situations, or as a result of any number of events and experiences. The problem is that we also need a solid foundation of self-consciousness so that we are not forever chasing some means to 'be' happy. When the fun things or happy activities are not there, we want to continue enjoying some peace and contentment; some inner joy and happiness.

Other than some method of letting our mind experience some stillness regularly (transcending thought, as it is often referred to) - by using some form of effective meditation or having regular Conscious Mental Rest - I would recommend that you give attention to the three happiness habits in the Attention section of the website.

I hope this response is helpful to you.

All the best,


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